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Monday, May 15, 2017

SCOFIELD BIBLE = Written by CYRUS SCOFIELD & British Oxford Jews = A Fraudster & Forger & Army Deserter & Drunk that Sold Out to the British-Israel Rothschilds Zionist

Crime Syndicate to Distort Christian Beliefs to Worship Jews instead of God and God’s Law

Cyrus Ingerson (C.I.) Scofield Bible — Resulted in a CULT of Christians that worship Jews above God’s Law.

Cyrus Ingerson Scofield (August 19, 1843 – July 24, 1921) wrote annotated Bible that popularized (welfare to jews) dispensationalism among fundamentalist Christians. 

He enthusiastically studied Shakespeare and Homer and fought on both sides in the Civil war and deserted the Confederate army and escaped behind Union lines in Bowling Green, Kentucky and after taking the Union oath of allegiance, Scofield was allowed safe passage to St. Louis, Missouri, where he settled. He became a politician in Kansas and was forced to resign “under a cloud of scandal” for financial fraud & accepting bribes from bankers and railroad companies and it is said he was jailed on forgery charges perhaps because he was a drunkard and abandoned his wife and two children. He claims a lawyer converted him to Christ. This ignorant Scofield was indoctrinated by James H. Brookes in St. Louis, a prominent Israel Supporting minister (dispensationalist) and believer in the second coming of Christ (“premillennialism” a belief common to Evangelicals) and a time of fulfillment for God’s people of the Old Testament (Jews) = Coining the word “premillennialism” was “almost entirely the work of British and Anglican (British) American Protestants influenced by Jewish apocalyptic theological interpreters of the prophets of Israel theory some Jewish derived from their minds (probably rabbis). C.I. Scofield wrote a book that popularized this Jewish theory and it became to DISTORTED SCOFIELD BIBLE revised out of BRITISH OXFORD UNIVERSITY that generally holds that Israel and the Church are separate things, and the return of Jesus will take up Christians into heaven by means of a rapture immediately before a seven-year worldwide tribulation. This will be followed by an additional return of Christ with his saints.

Oddly in Oct 1883, Scofield was ordained as a Congregationalist minister as his divorce was proceeding but not yet final, and took over a church in Dallas, TX. He authored a pamphlet “Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth” (1888) and became the forerunner of twentieth-century Christian fundamentalism. He faked having college degrees pretending he had a Doctor of Divinity degree. He wrote the NEW SCOFIELD BIBLE in England (with help from Jews at Oxford) and the Scofield Reference Bible was published in 1909 to spread the myths it contained that encourages CHRISTIANS to ADOPT JEWISH GOALS & ISRAEL AS NEEDING FINANCIAL SUPPORT. It was heavily marketed by the Jewish press and became popular and overthrew the REAL BIBLE (King James). Scofield made out like the bandit he always was with extreme royalties from the marketed FRAUD and joined the prestigious Lotos gentlemen’s Club of mostly Jewish-sympathetic writers in NY City where Jews dominated publishing. Scofield died at his home on Long Island in 1921 estranged from his children.

Scofield wrote a correspondence Bible study course = The basis for his Reference Bible first published in 1909 by Oxford University Press. His Scofield’s notes drive the $TRILLIONS IN AMERICAN WEALTH GIVEN AND ROBBED FROM AMERICANS USING THE INCOME TAX FRAUD. 

John Nelson Darby, British Anglo-Irish lawyer & minister taught the predecessor to the Scofield theory and systematized it in the early nineteenth century emphasizing the distinctions between the New Testament Church and ancient Israel of the Old Testament. He theorized that between creation and the final judgment there are seven distinct eras of God’s dealing with man and that these eras are a framework around which the message of the Bible could be explained. 

These theories formed a CULT that still distort Christianity to create a sect similar to Mormonism by Joesph Smith, and this sect has allowed Jews to hold a DOMINANT ROLE OVER CHRISTIANS IN UK & AMERICA & MUCH OF THE BRITISH ZIONIST EMPIRE! 

Why I left Scofieldism by Rev. William E.Cox
Click for Source Article on GraceGospel 

Took 7+ years to BREAK AWAY FROM THE SCOFIELD CULT as I was saved, at the age of sixteen, in a Baptist church where almost everyone carried a Scofield Bible and knew & brainwashed with the footnotes and headings placed in the Bible by Jews from Oxford England & C. I. Scofield. I was even a Sunday school teacher imposing these Cult Theories on children.

Even today it is difficult at times to clear my mind of some of Scofield’s Jewish Cult Theories 

While I was serving in Europe during WW II in an armored tank crew, God called me into the ministry. I Listened to Scofield himself, so I distrusted the real Bible and felt I needed the notes in my favorite Scofield “Bible.” 

While studying for the ministry I realized that I would be called upon to say to members of my congregation, “This is why we believe thus and so about the Bible; here is the verse and chapter for our belief on a given subject.” With this thought in mind I deliberately took my theology apart to see whether or not I could put it together again, based on the Bible. My thinking was that if I could not convince myself, then certainly I could not convince others. In other words, I asked myself, concerning each and every major doctrine in which I believed, “What saith the scripture?” (Romans 4:3). 

This experience resulted in tossing some of my favorite sermons or lessons! It was like walking out of a dimly lighted room into one flooded with light. My God and his Book appeared larger than ever before. It was disconcerting, to say the least, to find that some of my most cherished beliefs simply would not stand up under a close scriptural scrutiny. Most of my beliefs in Christian ideas were verified, but I could not find the verse and chapter to support my beliefs concerning national Israel and the Jews going back to Palestine, rebuilding the Temple, reinstituting the blood sacrifices, serving as Christ’s missionaries during an earthly millennium, and be involved in many other related events. As hard as I tried over 8 years nothing in the Bible supported any of this Israel theory. God jolted me into reality. It finally dawned upon me that what I sincerely thought were verses of the Bible actually were footnotes put inside the covers of the Bible by a man named C. I. Scofield who was actually a forger, army deserter, fraud, drunk, and sold out to a foreign British & Israeli power. I broke with Scofieldism grudgingly since the headings and footnotes were an easy shortcut requiring very little study. I learned that most of the critics of Scofieldism had, as I had, been devoted followers at one time.

FACT: Followers of Scofield Bible = A comparatively small minority of Christians though vocal and well-funded by rich Zionists

FACTUAL FINDINGS: Many things my former Scofield hero taught were not so.

FACTUAL FINDINGS: I was led to my final position that Scofieldism is heresy and since God has given me this light, I must warn others of its subtle, intriguing heresy and dangers.

FACTUAL FINDINGS: SCOFIELD DOWNGRADES THE CHURCH AND HER ROLE IN GOD’S PLAN. Lies and he separates the Church from old Israel, and the church did NOT succeeded Israel at the first advent unfulfilling the promises to Abraham through the church even lying that the church will fail and be replaced by national Israel. Scofield is arbitrary, artificial, and forced.

FACTUAL FINDINGS: SCOFIELD TEACHES THAT GOD HAS TWO BODIES – ISRAEL AND THE CHURCH = Continues to lie about the sequence from old Israel to the Church. Scofield lies that and calls the New Testament writers, the church fathers, the reformers, and the outstanding commentators wrong. He lies that Israel is an earthly people while the church is a heavenly people and God has two separate plans for each with Israel spending eternity on earth while Gentiles, will spend eternity in heaven. Scofield flies in the face of many scriptures when he teaches that God has two separate bodies. Truly Scofield contradicts the apostle Paul by teaching that God has two bodies.

FACTUAL FINDINGS: SCOFIELD TEACHES THAT GOD’S PROMISES TO NATIONAL ISRAEL AWAIT FUTURE FULFILLMENT. When, in fact, they have been MORE THAN FULFILLED as Israel has INVADED Palestine. Actually, no Scofield third regathering to the land is mentioned anywhere in the Bible, but goes on to lie in a very twisted fashion circling back to prior lies. Scofield lies that Israel has never received all the land promised in the Abrahamic Covenant and she return to the land, Temple, and blood sacrifices. But Scofield is wrong concerning the land, and his entire scheme for national Israel goes begging. Moses stated explicitly that God’s purpose in the Exodus from Egypt was to fulfill his promise to Abraham to give the land to Abraham’s seed. The prophets later predicted a second return and that literally came to pass under the leadership of Zerubbabel, and its fulfillment is recorded in such books of the Bible as Ezra and Nehemiah and the literal rebuilding of Solomon’s temple, in 516 B.C., there is not a single scripture reference, either in the Old Testament or the New, regarding a return to the land. What saith the scripture?

FACTUAL FINDINGS: SCOFIELD MISHANDLES MANY CLEAR VERSES OF SCRIPTURE. = Scofield lied about so much to make worshipping Israelis a part of Zionist Christianity and destroying the Church and following of God’s Law. Scofield posits his teachings on craftily manufactured premises, then handles the Word deceitfully in order, to support these premises. Scofield’s made up stages of God shifting his treatment of people is completely out of accord with the real bible. This shifting of God through Dispensationalism rejects the doctrine that God has, since the Fall, but one plan of salvation for all mankind. Scofield builds this fake God of deceit that changes through the ages administering “SUPRISES” (diverse artificiual andcomplex) plans of salvation for various groups that changes over time = PURE BS!

CONCLUSION = Scofield’s strange CULT built on baseless theories not supported by the Bible are far too many and provide giant discrepancies. = Scofieldism is shameful lies to degrade the GOD and Christians in favor of Jews and Israel. Scofield’s entire system is purposely flawed to support a devios set of goals.

COX WRITES “It has not been the intention of this writer to discredit a person, but to challenge unscriptural teachings put forth by a person. This pamphlet is sent forth in Christian love for all the household of faith, and with the prayer that it might lead many to a ‘more excellent way’ of handling the Word of God.”

Cyrus Scofield by James Perloff, a Russian Jew by birth, Aug 31, 2016
Click for Source Article on JamesPerloff
Christian Zionism = Based on a multitude of lies with many layers My great-grandfather’s name was
FACT: Rockefellers = Orchestrated the Modernist movement, aimed at destroying every fundamental doctrine of Christianity to achieve a one-world religion of Zionism.
FACT: Christian Fundamentalism = Was itself infiltrated and hijacked by Rothschilds operatives and their Zionist agenda. = Two principal agents in this scheme were John Nelson Darby (1800-1882) and Cyrus Scofield (1843-1921). What Darby planted, Scofield watered and disseminated. The theory and cult of Christian Zionism they developed served of the Rothschilds Zionist agenda perfectly:
#1 Jew return to Israel = Takeover Palestine from thousands of year old Arab families.
#2 God wants Christian salvation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ
#3 God wants Jews as his “Chosen People.”
#4 Christians should not involve themselves in politics, education, business or the arts, as these are “worldly” matters that should be left in the hands of “worldly” people. = AMERICANS LET JEWS TAKEOVER THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT + MEDIA + ART (HORRIBLE) + BANKSTERING + EDUCATION (PERVERSIONS WITH IGNORANCE)!
#5 God fakes mankind out with different rules during 7 time frames called “dispensations” and the current #6 is called “Grace” which allows Christians to ignore the Ten Commandments
#6 The Christian Church is doomed making the End of “Grace”
#7 After #7 (dispensation) the Worldwide Tribulation = Persecution under the Antichrist for seven years
#8 Christians need not concern themselves with this, since Jesus will “Rapture” believers off the Earth
#9 Earth will then experience a Jewish era; Jewish ritualistic animal sacrifices will be reinstituted; Jesus will reign for a thousand years from Solomon’s rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.
Doctrine and Cult of “Christian Zionism” = Guide Christians into worship of Jews & Israel ignoring God’s Law. This cult is led and preached by celebrity-status theologians like Hal Lindsey, Pat Robertson and John Hagee, and Joel Osteen
Books are widely disseminated to guide this Cult = Best-sellers are Left Behind book series followed in many conservative evangelical churches. = MASSIVE WELFARE & ROBBERY OF $40.6 TRILLION FROM AMERICANS SINCE 2000 TO BRITISH-ISRAEL ROTHSCHILDS ZIONIST MAFIA USING THE ROTHSCHILDS CREATED ILLEGAL INCOME TAX SYSTEM TO INSURE THEIR USURY INTEREST LOANS ARE PAID! = Led directly to FUNDING THE ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA CREATING OF ISRAEL (1948) following the ROTHSCHILDS BALFOUR DECLARATION THAT ROBBED ARABS OF THEIR LANDS IN PALESTINE to gain full control over OIL AND SHIPPING in the Mediterranean Sea and Suez Canal and Waters beyond and make it easier to RULE OVER THE OIL RICH Middle East! = Of course, 911 was also PLANNED to FORCE AMERICANS TO FUND FAKED WARS IN 7+ NATIONS, many of which did not have ROTHSCHILDS CENTRAL BANKS!

Zionists teach “The Great Deception” of Scofield Jewish Bible

Click for Source Article
ZIONIST provide the great deception taking place in the religious, media, and political world and real Ten Commandments have been forced out of American life replaced by pagan perversion of the British-Israel Rothschilds Zionist Crime Syndicate or the ZIO-MOB.
Sadly, pseudo (fake Scofield) Christian preachers advocate an End to the Ten Commandments and preach that they are no longer binding on Christians. Their motto is “Grace has freed people from the Law of God” in line with Zionist perversions as displayed and evidenced hourly on cable TV. These fake pastors, teachers, TV evangelists and Zionist Media liars and propagandists exploit uninformed Christians into their Scofield Cult of perversions against the Ten Commandments and God’s Law. These cult leaders take their flock to a pagan church to receive the Mark of the Beast or Lucifer or Satan.
FACT: Nowhere in the Bible does it say God’s laws are not binding upon man and that the Ten Commandments can be ignored. If God’s Law is abolished, then sins reigns high and encouraged as we see on cable TV and Hollywood perversion and propaganda. But Romans 6:14,15 says, “For sin shall not have dominion over you…” Paul asked, “Shall we sin (or break the law) because we are not under the law but under grace?” and the reply was “God forbid”.

The War on Christianity, Part 1 by James Perloff Nov 7, 2015 (Chapt 17 of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior — originally How Satan Rules in the World)

Click for Source Article on JamesPerloff
Rothschilds Zionist Think Tank Three-Step Plan for Producing a One-World Religion:
#1 Degrade Christianity with infiltration and changes in the Bible to cause Christians to Worship Jews and ignore God’s Law. Zionist provided loans to major churches in exchange for doctrinal changes and infiltrate seminaries with Jewish theories to produce “Modernist” anti-Christian ministers to undermine the faith by weakening Christianity’s appeal and shifting the focus of worship onto Jews away from the Ten Commandments. Cable TV helped immensely.
#2 Specific organizations (such as the National Council of Churches) would be formed as the framework for MORE CULT denominations and CULT religions brought together under ONE banner of CONTROL.
#3 To give churches motive for unification, social causes, acceptable within the morals of most denominations and religions, would be promoted as rallying points for “united action.” = FUND ISRAEL AND BRITISH ROTHSCHILDS ZIO-WARS.
FACT: Karl Marx denounced religion as the “the opiate of the people.”
FACT: Rothschilds Illuminist oligarchs know that man has a spiritual nature which cannot be fully eradicated, so their think tanks hatched a plan to infiltrate and destroy from inside the Christian Religion to eventually destroy it and replace it with a consolidated ZIONIST SATANIC RELIGION (ecumenism) and World Dictatorship over brainwashed non-jew near zombie-like humanoids that were not eradicated by eugenics (allowed to exist as slaves)!
Satanic New World Order = Mechanism of infiltration and consolidation of power and ideas of Satanism.
FACT: National sovereignty = Interferes with creating One-World ZIO-MOB Dictatorship = EU + NAFTA + United Nations + NATO + unified Intel services (MI 6 & CIA & MOSSAD) + Globalization and use of Slave Labor in Asia & next Africa for ZIO-MOB “big business” to exploit and at the same time destroy life in America and Europe.
ROTHSCHILDS RULE = All avenues of life must be consolidated for the Antichrist to rule, and religion is no exception. = British globalist Arnold Toynbee stated: “I believe that, in the field of religion, sectarianism is going to be subordinated to ecumenicalism, that in the field of politics, nationalism is going to be subordinated to world government…”

3 minute video every American needs to hear and understand!
BRITISH-ISRAELIS = Absolute controllers and that is NOT anti-anything = Just a FACT!
FACT: Palestine is just the beginning for these controllers = THE WORLD DICTATORSHIP BY USURY & SLAVE OWNING DICTATORS IS THEIR GOAL

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