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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Senate Passes Bill to Silence People Who Spread Foreign ‘Propaganda’, ‘Fake News’

by S. Noble • 

“Something needs to be done about blatantly false news stories that circulate widely on Facebook and other social media platforms,” Howard Kurtz said on “Happening Now.” He is only one of many in the fake stream media and among the politicians complaining about it.

The government has come to the rescue! The fuzzy-wuzzy Portman-Murphy Act has passed the Senate. It establishes a big government Ministry of Truth and it’s a globalist’s dream. It establishes “an interagency center housed at the State Department to coordinate and synchronize counter-propaganda efforts throughout the US government. Bottom line is if you agree with any Russian propaganda and post it, you will likely be removed from the Internet and if you use this propaganda to criticize the government, you might be subject to arrest. While the Act doesn’t specify punishments, it’s not a stretch to come up with those possibilities. 

If nothing else, we will see more of the ‘counter propaganda’ from our own government. If only we could stop our own government propaganda.
The Act allows for extensive censorship.
Portman and Murphy say their idea is to promote “fact-based narratives”. In Hollywood that’s the term for a movie based on a true story.
The Portman-Murphy target is also unclear.
They will screen applicants for the strategy groups that will investigate and develop plans of attack but they don’t say it has to be Americans.
The government will decide what is Russian and/or other foreign propaganda and ‘fake news’. This cannot be constitutional but that doesn’t mean the Supremes will overrule it.
The bipartisan Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act has two goals to combat “the constantly evolving threat of foreign disinformation”.
One is to develop a ‘whole-of-government’ strategy for countering what they decide is foreign propaganda and disinformation. it gives untold authority and resources to the Global Engagement Center, because this is a globalist attack. It will be led by the State Department and include a whole host of agencies.
Another goal of the Act is to create adaptive and responsive US strategy options using expertise from journalists, NGOs, civil society orbs., think tanks and on and on.
You can be certain, George Soros’s organizations will be involved along with those leftist journalists.
The only ‘fake news’ the government wants to banish it seems is conservative news and Wikileaks. The real ‘fake news’ is the mainstream media. The number of organizations who will be militarized against the right, and perhaps some independent left-wing blogs, will be legion.
The Democrats have repeatedly tried to pass bills removing all journalistic protections from citizen journalists and to allow only official mainstream journalists access to news reporting. They’ve tried to shut down our free speech with bills and didn’t succeed but under the guise of protection from the Russians and Chinese, and with help from RINOs, it passed without a whimper and few have noticed. We can thank the mainstream for that.
If you look at the case of Geert Wilders who was recently convicted of using his free speech in The Netherlands, you can see where we are headed.

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