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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Intel: US Mini-Nukes Delivered to Ukraine; Poroshenko's Family Urgently Leaves the Country

FEB 17 2015 Posted by Lada Ray
The latest breaking news from Ukraine:
1. The family of Ukraine president Poroshenko has urgently left the country via a charter flight. This means that the situation in the country is much more unstable than is being portrayed, and the true extent of turmoil is being underplayed. It also means that Poroshenko knows that he may be unseated any moment and has negotiated an asylum for his family with his handlers in the West as part of the Minsk agreement. Instead of flying straight back to Kiev after Minsk, Poroshenko actually went to Brussels first where he had undisclosed conversations with EU politicians, including Merkel and Hollande. Undoubtedly, this is where the asylum was negotiated.
In one of my 2014 articles I said that I was expecting another Kiev maidan by spring 2015. Yarosh and other ukro-nazis say that they will never observe the Minsk peace agreements and threaten to overturn Poroshenko. Rada is trying to initiate impeachment proceedings. Maidan may be close. Will it happen? I think the wild card right now is Merkel and Hollande tandem. Afraid of a hot war in Europe, they finally mustered some courage to present a unified front in Minsk and beyond. They may spoil the party.
I had also said previously that I didn’t see Poroshenko surviving in his position for much longer.
In one of the previous articles’ comment sections we also had a discussion about the potentiality of an even more obvious nazi regime coming to power after Poroshenko is unseated. I am of the opinion that worst case scenario of an openly nazi regime materializing would actually be better, as it would cause the terrible abscess that is today’s Ukraine to come to the surface, ripen and erupt faster. Ukraine, and the world in general, needs this cleansing. The terrible infestation in Ukraine had been festering inside for too long. It has to come to the surface and be expelled. The faster it happens, the sooner people can start the process of rebuilding.
Read my long-term PREDICTIONS for Ukraine, Russia, USA and more.
2. Ukraine sources are reporting that since the population is sabotaging the mobilization, Kiev junta is now conducting a forced mobilization. The military board a city bus and tell women to leave, while all the men who remain on the bus get herded into trucks and sent to the front. People from Zaporozhie (in central Ukraine, one of the cities that wants to join Novorossia) report that national guard breaks into people’s homes and forcefully hauls off the males into the army.
All this is happening after Minsk peace agreements have been signed and as ceasefire is supposed to be in effect in Donbass. Meanwhile, Donbass reports that there is no ceasefire and that Kiev army is consolidating its forces and attacking the positions of self-defence. They have again attempted to take the Donetsk Airport, which, according to Minsk accords, is supposed to be part of the DNR territory.
Kiev has completely abandoned 5,000 of its soldiers cooking in the Debaltsevo cauldron. Kiev denies the very existence of the cauldron and the fact that their forces have been surrounded by DNR and LNR.
3. German sources report that US military advisors in Ukraine have been busy. According to German intelligence, Americans were able to bring onto the territory of the Debaltsevo cauldron a ‘suitcase’ nuke. It appears US has nothing left to lose after Germany and France broke the ranks and sat down for peace talks with Russia.
Let’s recall what I’d been saying from the start. The goals of the US in Ukraine are, among others: 1. to put a wedge between Russia and Germany/France/EU; 2. paint Russia as a villain; 3. pit Russia and Ukraine in a hot war, by making Russia send troops to Ukraine.
The potential false flag involving a mini-nuke inside the Debaltsevo cauldron is supposed to be blamed on Russia. Therefore, Russia gets again painted as a villain that detonates nukes in poor Ukraine. This may result in more EU sanctions and in US delivering those lethal weapons they had been threatening to send.
Several weeks ago I said that we should expect a massive false flag in Ukraine, something that would be much bigger than MH17. There has been a recent mini-nuke detonation at the chemical plant in Donbass, but apparently, it failed to achieve the desired effect. It is possible they will try again in Debaltsevo. This has to be watched. And as I also said before, if a lot of people talk about it and watch it like hawks, it’s possible to prevent such false flags. Hopefully they will fail.
According to intel from Russian/Ukrainian military analyst Alexander Zhilin (who’s originally from Nikolaev), 4 such American tactical nukes were delivered in November 2014 to the Ivano-Frankovsk military airport in Western Ukraine. The question is: where will they surface?
Info about above news in Russian: here, and in other materials from News-Front.

Poroshenko President and members of Parliament have taken their families abroad

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 By Paul Martin - Versia.ru - 2/16/2015 

Ukrainian political elite is preparing for a new round of conflict in the country, which will occur in the near future. President Poroshenko and many Members of Parliament have already taken their families abroad, and the mayor of the capital Kiev Klitschko inspect the bomb shelters. What awaits Ukraine – new maidan or full war with Russia? 

It’s been almost a year since Ukraine got rid of the “corrupt regime of Yanukovich” and embarked on the democratic path of joining the European Union and NATO. The current Ukrainian authorities promised the people a fair European society, financial support from the new allies, the early entry into the European Union and many other things that the country could not achieve because of the “hated Russia.” After loud promises new Ukrainian authorities were forced to remove the “rose-colored glasses” – in March 2014 lost the Crimea, from late spring to Kiev in fact not subject to the population of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which have to conduct real war, in the treasury are only loans from the IMF. The political elite since last month actively move their family to Europe and other prosperous regions. In late January, Tsarev mentioned it more than once. From the exodus of the elite Poroshenko restrained by example. Today “Political Review” wrote that “the wife Poroshenko left Kiev with the children on a charter flight.” According to our information, they flew through Paris to the United States. It is obvious that the country will face a new round of violence is not only clear the nature of this new round of – whether there will be the country’s next maidan or Kiev will go to the open war with Russia? 

The escalation of the conflict in the Donbas and its transformation into a full-fledged war with Russia 

According to one version, the President Poroshenko remains faithful to the end to its transatlantic ally and still ignite in Europe a real war. Many experts have long said that Washington established political regime in Kiev, entirely subordinate to the White House. The largest US manufacturers of weapons and military equipment already rubbing their hands in anticipation of the carnage that can cover the whole of Europe. Not by chance in Congress consistently raised the issue of the supply of lethal weapons Ukraine , which will lead to the breakdown of the peace process, the transition of military initiative in the hands of security forces and is likely to open participation in the conflict Russia. Moscow has repeatedly said that is not a party to the conflict in the Donbas, but not difficult to guess that if Russian troops are still open will Donbass - local conflict in the south-east of Ukraine in a few days turn into a war throughout the country, and it would be further and think terribly. Perhaps this is what the demand from overseas curators Poroshenko. The fact that Kiev is gradually preparing for a big war says at least the fact that the president and many other politicians to urgently evacuate their families from the capital. In addition, it was impossible not to notice that the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko held a large-scale inspection of the shelters, organized system of public notification of finding most of these shelters. Also on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital, one after another built fortified checkpoints. Hard to believe that the Ukrainian authorities so thoroughly preparing for confrontation with the militia.

Another Maidan? There is another version of events. Everyone's favorite six months ago Poroshenko now is not, and it's not just that he was unable to keep any promise given to the Ukrainian people during the inauguration. On Poroshenko, apparently, no longer rely allies of the White House in Washington. "Man-function-Poroshenko" has been - and disappeared. Last week in Minsk yet met the leaders of the four Norman to discuss ways to resolve the conflict in the south-eastern Ukraine. Full peace agreement signed by all participants in the talks were not, but the parties nevertheless agree to a cease-fire, which more or less respected. Here you need to understand what the situation turned out to be Ukrainian president. On the one hand Poroshenko aware that military strategic initiative is now in the hands of the militia. The population of Ukraine needs peace, and do not need a general mobilization and war, and the budget of Ukraine desperately needed release from the EU. It would be right to "freeze" the conflict and begin to de-escalation , to that his calling and in Europe, but look at it from across the ocean? Washington, of course, could not ignore the fact that this world conflict is solved without the participation of the White House and then in the face of NATO "remembered" that he has documented proof of the presence of Russian troops in the Donbas. With renewed vigor to raise the issue of granting Ukraine lethal weapons.

Poroshenko close to overthrow, as having taken part in the peace talks in Minsk, he actually left the "war party". President already accused of betraying the ideals of the Maidan, its assets are regularly subjected to attacks by the radical youth, the National Guard battalions already "feel" the way the attack on the building of the Ministry of Defence, the unions do not cease to resent the difficult social conditions in the country, the mother of soldiers regularly picket outside the same building Ministry of Defense. Quite remarkable was another trick scandalous radical Oleg Lyashko, who in the building Verkhovna Rada openly accused Poroshenko "all the troubles" and received a threat of imminent hit behind bars. Here we should pay attention to Ljashko not as frontman political Schizophasia in Ukraine, and as a representative of an oligarch Kolomoisky, that is the financial leader of the "war party" In other words, the attack on the president of the parliament building is nothin

g more than a signal of first change of power in the country and, most of all, the traditional method - Independence - radical thugs - Blood - coup.
Poroshenko finally lost the confidence of the citizens of the country as for the presidency did not fulfill any of the pre-election promises - Crimea lost Donbass half lost, corruption remains, the treasury is empty, the question of accession to the EU and NATO is closed for at least ten years. They say if the bride in the US now sent Paruby. Well, a worthy replacement, they say he even has a certificate.

Источник: https://versia.ru/prezident-i-deputaty-rady-vyvezli-svoi-semi-za-granicu

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