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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Coup Underway in Egypt , Egyptian army: Morsi is no longer president, constitution is suspended

Egyptian army: Morsi is no longer president, constitution is suspended 

POSTED AT 3:25 PM ON JULY 3, 2013 BY ALLAHPUNDIT - Hotair.com 

Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, the head of the military, just finished the announcement as I’m writing this. Fun fact: He was appointed by Morsi himself after Gen. Tantawi, the head of the junta that preceded Morsi, was removed to avert his own possible coup attempt. Morsi must have thought Sisi would be more loyal/subservient. Oops.
Tahrir Square has gone berserk — flags, fireworks, cheering. No more Morsi:
Sisi says they tired to negotiate with Morsi since November, but refused. The constitution has been suspended. A technocratic government, run by the ned of the supreme constitutional court, will run the country until elections can be held. The people are ecstatic.
I’ve seen rumors on Twitter that Mohamed ElBaradei will be appointed interim prime minister but can’t find anything solid on that yet. More fallout:

Updates coming, but wrestle with this for now: Is this a U.S.-approved coup or a U.S.-opposed coup? As of yesterday, the answer was clear. As of this morning, it was … less clear. That’s “leading from behind” in action!
Update: More from Business Insider: “Military chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi then called for presidential and parliamentary elections, the establishment of a panel to review the constitution, and a national reconciliation committee that would include youth movements.” Sounds like the next government will be more secular. Will it be more democratic? Does the State Department care at this point?
Update: Interesting news. Sunni clerics blessed the coup?
Egypt’s leading Muslim and Christian clerics and the leader of the liberal opposition alliance Mohamed ElBaradei will jointly present a roadmap for a political transition shortly, state news agency MENA said on Wednesday…
The clerics would be the Grand Sheikh of Cairo’s Al-Azhar institution, a leading authority in the Muslim world, and Pope Tawadros, the head of the Coptic Church and leader of Egypt’s millions of Christians.
There were religious figures onstage with Sisi when he made the announcement but I’m not sure who they were offhand. I believe one was Tawadros; was the head of Al-Azhar there too? I don’t understand at first blush why Sunni clerics would endorse toppling the country’s first Islamist president unless the army somehow made it worth their while. The question now is whether the clerical endorsement will soothe some of the opposition from the Muslim Brotherhood or whether it won’t matter. 

Coup Underway in Egypt

Carol Platt Liebau | Jul 03, 2013 - Townhall 

It looks like a military coup against Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi is underway, with communications with the president cut off and tanks on the move outside Cairo.
Predictably, the Obama administration's efforts to practive a "nuanced" foreign policy end up leaving America worse off than it could otherwise be. While trying to resist any impression that it is involved in Egypt's affairs, it is projecting the image of indifference to the plight and the wishes of the Egyptian people.  As a result, anti-Obama sentiment (and, by extension, anti-American sentiment) is in evidence(photos courtesy of Doug Ross):
Yes, Morsi was elected through a democratic process -- and The White House was quick to congratulate him for it, despite his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  But he represents the imposition of Islamist rule in Egypt that threatens the stability of the Middle East and the foreign policy objectives of the United States ... and the protests calling for his ouster dwarf anything that was seen before Obama pressured our ally, Hosni Mubarak, to resign  in response to them. 
Perhaps the Obama administration is lucky enough to be getting a do-over in Egypt.  Let's hope they don't mess it up (again).  How about some full-throated articulation of the (classical) liberal principles we espouse -- principles very different from what Egyptians have gotten from Morsi? 

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