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Monday, February 20, 2012

RT News: Ron Paul, ‘the only candidate speaking of lost civil liberties and pending illegal wars’

RT News - Published: 20 February, 2012, 08:00
Supporters of U.S. Republican presidential candidate cheer and wave signs (Reuters / Brian Snyder)

United States presidential contender Ron Paul has warned that his country is slipping into a twenty-first century fascist system with a broke government ruled by big business. RT asked some experts whether they agree.
Speaking to supporters in Kansas City, the Republican candidate said Americans' individual liberties were being stripped away.
And, as Houston-based author Anis Shivani says, Paul is “the only candidate on the Republican side who is talking about the loss of civil liberties, pending illegal wars, making the connection between imperialism and the loss of rights at home.”
It now looks like Ron Paul could have won the Maine caucus, and Shivani believes he could have more support with the American public but it seems that the media won’t allow it to happen:
“I think he does have hardcore support – maybe it could be 15 to 20 per cent of people on the conservative side. His support could be wider, but the media will never treat a candidate like him with seriousness, they will just dismiss him as a fringe candidate because of, for example, his very firm stance on Iran, he is saying ‘Let’s not get into another war on Iran, we just can’t afford it, and every time we do this, it makes governance at home more difficult.’ So the media will say he is just not interested in national security and dismiss him.”
And radio host and author Stephen Lendman also agrees that current US policies are evidence that the country has indeed developed a fascist system, going on to disagree slightly: “The only thing I disagree with Ron Paul it is that is not slipping into it – it’s deep into it.”
Noting that while he is not a Ron Paul supporter, Lendman supports his opposition to imperial wars, echoing Paul in his criticism of the Federal Reserve Bank:
“He has gone after the Federal Reserve for years – it’s a repressive group, privately owned and operated, it isn’t federal and it does not have reserves, as Ron Paul explains. It’s owned by the major bankers, maybe the Wall Street ones, and they use money power to create more of it at the public’s expense.”

Corporatocracy: Ron Paul says US ‘slipping into fascism’

Published: 19 February, 2012, 23:30

Republican presidential candidate US Representative Ron Paul (Reuters / Brian Snyder)
Republican presidential candidate US Representative Ron Paul (Reuters / Brian Snyder) 

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul slammed America's system of governance at a rally in Kansas City, saying businesses and government are pushing the country into twenty-first century fascism.
But before you start picturing fair-skinned, blue-eyed CEOs and bureaucrats running amok and with their right arms held high, calm down. What the outspoken Texas Republican meant was fascist corporatism – an economic model most prominently seen in Mussolini’s Italy of the 1920s to the 1940s. Fascist economic corporatism involved government and private management of full sectors of the economy – which Paul says is par for the course in today's America. 
“We’ve slipped away from a true republic,” Paul told thousands of his supporters at the rally. “Now we’re slipping into a fascist system where it’s a combination of government, big business and authoritarian rule, and the suppression of the individual rights of each and every American citizen.”
His words, which a few years ago might have been dismissed by most, rang loud and clear in Kansas. Paul’s rally coincided with long-established Missouri and Kansas GOP events – from which many attendees actually slipped away to hear Paul deliver his speech. Drawn out and bled dry by ongoing and expensive overseas military campaigns, Americans are more and more receptive to a foreign policy of peace, which is what Paul promises to deliver. 
The presidential hopeful echoed words already once delivered to the American people – by their president. Dwight Eisenhower said, in his farewell address to the nation, “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”
The disastrous rise, it seems, has happened. In 2009 alone, the United States was responsible for almost half of the world’s total military spending – 46 per cent, or 712 billion US dollars. Since then, the figures have only grown, to the point that American military spending now exceeds that of China, Russia, Japan, India, and the rest of NATO combined. The US has more than 700 military bases in 130 countries around the world.
But, one might ask, can’t the American government – which oversees the world's highest gross domestic product – afford some extra military spending?
The simple answer is: no. 
The wealthiest nation also happens to have the biggest national debt in world history. With the dollar acting as a global reserve currency, the Federal Reserve leaving the printing press running around the clock, and manufacturing and production being outsourced to cheap foreign labor markets, the US economy looks more like a Ponzi scheme. And as former president George W. Bush told his Argentine counterpart Nestor Kirchner, "The best way to revitalize the economy is war, and the US has grown stronger with war."
But Americans are tired of war – and are tired of waiting for the magical day when war will magically revive the economy. Which is why Ron Paul may have found the perfect note to strike with voters as he continues to fight in the Republican primaries.
Katerina Azarova, RT
Question? Do you know how many billions of the tax payer pay's to house and jail a non violent offender??? 

Ron Paul wants an end to the War on Drugs 

Republican presidential candidate U.S. Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) addresses supporters at his Maine caucus night rally in Portland, Maine February 11, 2012 (Reuters / Brian Snyder)
Republican presidential candidate U.S. Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) addresses supporters at his Maine caucus night rally in Portland, Maine February 11, 2012 (Reuters / Brian Snyder)
Texas Congressman Ron Paul took his campaign for the presidency to the state of Washington this week. From there, the Republican Party hopeful continued to tackle issues the rest of the GOP isn’t taking into consideration.
Congressman Paul has put himself in a different category among his party rivals by continuously being outspoken on subjects left unscathed by rhetoric repeatedly revived by other Republicans. He has been the only one of the frontrunners to challenge the National Defense Authorization Act and remains alone in his opposition for foreign policy with ideas that are deemed dangerous by others.
From Seattle, Washington, this week, the candidate came out against something his supports have long rallied in opposition to: the American War on Drugs.
Paul pulled his campaign bus over in Vancouver, Washington on Thursday, and addressed around 1,000 supporters at a rally there, just across the state line from Portland, Oregon. The congressman went after issues like America’s ongoing wars, which have been a trademark of his campaign so far. Also discussed, however, was an issue that while Paul has pressed on about throughout his career in politics, but he has remained relatively mum on so far this election year. Speaking in Vancouver, Paul revitalized his insistence that the US government’s war on drugs is a ridiculous waste of money and infringement on civil liberties.
The legalization of marijuana for recreation purposes is expected to be on the ballot later this year in the state of Washington. In not so many words, Paul told supporters he stood by what should be the right of every American to do what they please with their bodies, even if it includes administering drugs.
"If we are allowed to deal with our eternity and all that we believe in spiritually, and if we're allowed to read any book that we want under freedom of speech, why is it we can't put into our body whatever we want?" Paul proclaimed from Vancouver.
The Associated Press reports from the state of Washington that Paul was unwilling to attack his Republican Party rivals while on the road, but without hesitation went after President Barack Obama for abusing his power. Elsewhere in Washington this week, Paul specifically attacked the NDAA, which Obama signed into law in late December. Under the act, the president grants himself the ability to use the United States military to indefinitely detain American citizens without charge. At a SeaTac rally Thursday, Paul brought up the National Defense Authorization Act once again.
"The military can arrest any American citizen," said the congressman."They can be put in a secret prison – indefinitely."
Although the other GOP frontrunners have remained mostly mum on the NDAA, Paul recently traveled to DC to propose a legislation that would strike the dangerous provisions from law. Along with the war on drugs, Paul has put both issues up for debate during recent speaking engagement, although his emphasis on ending the drug war has taken a backseat to other matters as of late. To a riled crowd in Washington, however, Paul’s persistence in ending the war — and others abroad — comes at a perfect time.
"It's not the guy so much as the message. If you tell the truth, people will understand.It's not an everyday thing to hear the truth, and that is why I came here,” Vaughn Merritt, a student at Central Washington University, tells Seattle PI.
During a debate last November, Paul went after then-contender Rick Perry, who was supporting the War on Drugs. “I think the federal war on drugs is a total failure,” said Paul. “I fear the drug war because it undermines our civil liberties. It magnifies our problems on the borders. We spend — like, over the last 40 years, $1 trillion on this war. And believe me, the kids can still get the drugs. It just hasn't worked.”
Voters in Maine that had their caucus postponed last week will reconvene on Saturday to vote for the GOP candidate of their choice. Before all the votes were collected, Paul was awarded a second place victory last week. If he garners the amount of support in the state that he suspects, Maine could be awarded to Paul once all polls close this weekend. 

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