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Friday, January 13, 2012

Vintage Bottle of Ant Poison Labels Fluoride As Deadly Poison

Fluoride soft kill continues amid overwhelming evidence of dangers
The Intel Hub
By Kyle Joseph
January 13, 2012
What I purchased is a vintage bottle of ant poison which surprisingly had never been opened.
I would not want to consume the contents inside this vintage bottle of insecticide, nor would I ever want to use this product, but in reality we have all consumed the contents in this insecticide because the active ingredient is composed of 95% Sodium Fluoride.
If you are curious as to why Sodium Fluoride is the active ingredient in a vintage bottle of ant poison, the answer is simple: because it has patents for it.
Yes, Sodium Fluoride has patents for insecticides dating back to 1896 when Charles Henry HIGBEE patented the compounds of fluorine for the purpose of destroying insects.
The bottle of Ant Pizen I have states:
“CAUTION This preparation contains sodium fluoride which is a deadly poison”
It can be difficult to find such direct information regarding sodium fluoride as a poison, but it is a true fact.
Sodium Fluoride is both a contact and a stomach poison; for this reason, most exterminators know the substance to work tremendously better on grown insects rather than larvae because adults have self cleaning habits which larvae do not.
Needless to say, sodium fluoride does not sound safe for human consumption.
A deadly poison & patented insecticide, Sodium Fluoride really is all this and more. How did public water supplies become vehicles for the delivery of a toxic substance which is dangerous to both our health and the environment as well?
The truth is that sodium fluoride made it’s way into public water supplies due to massive, if not astronomical, conflicts of interest.
A report dating back to the Cold war (once classified for reasons of national security) brings to light very valuable information that we must all recognize.
The report had been commissioned during the ultra-secret Manhattan project and was to assess the effect of fluoride on humans.
Millions of tons of fluoride was essential in the production of bomb-grade uranium & plutonium.
If the public had known that fluoride was one of the most toxic chemicals known and that fluoride was the leading chemical health hazard of the US atomic bomb program then it would have pulled the rug out from under the army.
Big industries also play a role with conflicts of interest. Both the aluminum industry & phosphate mining operations also create toxic fluoride chemicals.
These chemicals had at one time been released directly from smokestacks, but this was placed to an end when signs of environmental destruction became obvious.
Upon well-deserved litigation, polluting corporations were forced to capture the highly toxic gaseous compounds which soon became accomplished with the installation of wet scrubber systems. Environmental destruction and pollution could now be avoided, but this came at a cost.
Industries were now required to pay money for the proper disposal of their hazardous waste, that is until a money making miracle happened.
Should it be of any surprise that the first suggestion to fluoridate water came from Francis C. Frary, a director of the aluminum laboratory for the aluminum company of America?
Now big industries have the ability to not only waive costs for the proper disposal of their hazardous wastes, but they also make a profit by selling their waste as a premium product.
Muskoka alone pays approximately $30,000 for these chemicals annually plus the addition of $13,200 in operational costs.
It should also be known that the capital cost for the construction of the chemical feed system was in the order of $100,000. A money making miracle for big industries, but a misfortune for ourselves.
Do not allow this crime to continue! Please partake in the surety of the safety of our water. Participate in the movement to end artificial water fluoridation which will directly benefit our health, our local environment and Muskoka’s accounts.


Indian study proves that fluoride consumption causes brain, neurological damage
Wednesday, December 14, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Consuming sodium fluoride, a toxic chemical commonly added to US water supplies to allegedly help prevent tooth decay, definitively causes neurodegenerative damage in the brain, spinal cord, and sciatic nerve. These are the findings of a recent study published in theJournal of Medical and Allied Sciences, and ones that, by all scientific standards, put to rest the failed myth that fluoride consumption is in any way safe.

Conducted by K. Pratap Reddy of Osmania University in India, the study confirms that fluoride chemicals "cross the blood-brain barrier and alter the structure and function of neural tissue." Repeated exposure to fluoride chemicals in test rats was found to lower body weights; reduce the organic somatic index of their brains; and contaminate their hippocampus, neocortex, cerebellum, spinal cord, and sciatic nerve tissues with persistent fluoride chemicals.

The blood-brain barrier is the body's natural way of protecting the brain and central nervous system from damage by harmful toxins. In other words, it is meant to allow only nutrients and other beneficial metabolic products access to the brain, while filtering out all other materials.

But fluoride chemicals possess uniquely harmful characteristics that allow them to bypass this protective barrier and lodge themselves within brain tissue. The end result is a cascade of neurodegeneration throughout the brain and central nervous system, which in turn can lead to a host of severe and potentially deadly conditions, some of which are irreversible.

Compared to rats not given sodium fluoride, those given the chemicals as part of the study experienced "vacuolation of Schwann cells with enlarged axons and disrupted myelin sheaths" in their sciatic nerves; "irregular nuclei with normal nucleoli, vacuolated cytosol and axons with split myelin," in their spinal cords; and altered morphology in cerebellar tissue that resulted in "dumbbell shaped and [crenulated] nuclear membrane."

You can read the full study for yourself at:

In simple terms, these changes signify severe neurological damage that can manifest itself in a variety of different ways. Lowered IQ, reduced cognitive function, learning disabilities, and hyperactivity are some of the forms of brain damage caused by fluoride consumption.

"Who in their right mind would risk lowering their child's intelligence in order to reduce a small amount of tooth decay, for which the evidence is very weak?" asked Tara Blank, PhD, the Fluoride Action Network's (FAN) Science and Health Officer, after the release of a Chinese fluoride study earlier this year that found similar results.

Learn more

Use this simple online petition to tell your Congressmen that you oppose water fluoridation
Monday, November 14, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
(NaturalNews) Legislators across the US will soon reconvene for their winter sessions, which means that now is the time to start bombarding them with information about the dangers of toxic fluoride, and urging them to support legislation that will put an end to it. The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) has made this easy by creating a simple petition letter that you can customize and send to your local and state representatives.

You can access the petition here:

Momentum against fluoride is strong and growing, evidenced by the numerous towns, cities, and counties that have ended their water fluoridation programs in recent months and years (http://www.fluoridealert.org/commun...). But many legislators and local city council members still have no idea what all the fuss is about, and know very little about the dangers associated with fluoride exposure and ingestion.

So in order to help get the word out in time for the upcoming legislative sessions, FAN has created a simple online petition that links up directly with your local legislators. All you have to do is indicate where you live, and the portal will automatically direct your message to the appropriate local representatives, as well as your state's senators and governor.

Several studies published just this year have shown that fluoride consumption leads to serious health problems. A study published in the journalNeurologia, for instance, found that the fluoride chemicals can cause serious brain and neurological damage (http://www.naturalnews.com/032957_f...). Another study published in the journalEnvironmental Health Perspectivesfound that fluoride exposure can lower IQ levels and even lead to mental retardation in children (http://www.naturalnews.com/030928_f...).

When customizing your petition, be sure to reference the plethora of additional information about the health dangers of fluoride that FAN has made available on its website. These conditions include dental fluorosis, kidney problems, allergies, brain damage, pineal and thyroid gland poisoning, bone damage and fracturing, gastrointestinal disorders, tooth decay (yes, fluoride can cause the very problem it is touted as preventing), and cancer (http://www.fluoridealert.org/fluori...).

The form letter might be a bit timid for some, so feel free to craft it in your own forceful and asserting way -- just remember to highlight the facts and express clear and unwavering opposition to fluoride. Our representatives need to know that mass medication of the public without consent is unacceptable and a crime against humanity.

Learn more:

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