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Monday, July 11, 2011

When Our Government Has Failed Us Intentionally.

 It is Our Duty To Correct The Injustice,or we Perish.

There is a perfect example of people taking back the reigns of power from a government that does not respond to the citizens. That is the people of Iceland. They experienced so much economic turmoil at the hands of the robber baron bankers, the politicians against the will of the people tried to obligate the people to a debt they did not owe or consent to bailing out. The people of Iceland fired the government, arrested the bankers or chased them out. The reestablished a new economic system that is making the country is prospering like never before.  The government of Iceland sided with the bankers over the people’s wishes and demands. The people acted and did not wait for the politicians to act.

               Now to us in America who are looking for a remedy to reverse course in this nation. If you are looking to Washington for answers and a solution to solve are economic maladies. It will be a cold day in hell before it happens the way it is now. If we are putting faith in other people to solve the problems we face. You are very sadly mistaken. This is the reason why we are in such a mess and our freedoms are in danger of being lost forever. It is because we allowed it and we are depending on a knight on a white horse to save us. There is no Calvary coming over on a hill to save us. We are on our own. The people of Iceland knew it and took matters into their own hands to correct a grave injustice of the banker’s agenda of economic slavery.

               We are under attack by authoritarians to break our will to submit to the demands of the Federal government. We have to find our will again to stand us and not give in to their demands. The recent defeat of the Anti TSA bill in Texas on purpose was to die in the Legislature to break our will hoping we wave the white flag of surrender. How much more will we tolerate? If you are waiting for a leader to make things right, so we do not have to get off the couch, and do something. Than enjoy your slavery, and keep waiting.
             We have to stop putting our faith in false hopes and political illusions. We have to take back the power to say no. That means saying "no” to enhanced pat downs and full body scanners at the airport. Demand the police or Sheriffs office arrest these TSA goons for breaking state law. If they refuse to act, make a citizens arrest as a group of people and bring these TSA thugs down to the Police Station personally to be booked. It will take all these types of bold actions to make a difference. The only way we will change anything is we really are serious and being ready to do what it takes when necessary. That is what scares tyrants the most when we say we do not need them.

             We are the new leaders that will decide to right the ship of state. There are no rising stars coming out of Washington DC or in our state Capitals. If they say they are, the establishment long ago has picked them. There maybe a handful who are courageous, but it not enough to right the wrongs on us. It is coming down it will be up to us to make the changes. It starts with our household and us. It starts talking with our neighbors and attending county commissioners and city council meetings. We have to be own leaders and not depend on someone who is a career politician. The power to move the empire back to a republic is in our hands. We have no leaders anymore in government. It is up to us lead or be followers of a dictator.

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