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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Obama to Hold Elderly Hostage

Not Sending Social Security Checks Out if Debt Ceiling Not Raised

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 lonestarwatchdog.blogspot.com

This is a man who does not know the meaning when the people say” no", it means "no". The people overwhelmingly have told the President and many Republicans in the house are listening to their constituents saying no more borrowing and cut spending. The people are tired of big government growing and ever expanding into every facet in our lives. We are sick and tired of the undeclared wars this President is expanding into countries that have not attacked us or threatened us. This interventionist foreign policy is hurting us. We are at the end of our rope with the US government willing to bail out the bankers here and offshore for their reckless choices.

              Back not so long ago. The President was holding our military hostage not paying them when a government shutdown was looming. The audacity for this administration calling the people in uniform unessential personal. Still the TSA still gropes air travelers that produce child porn on a daily basis with full body scanners is definitely an unessential function the American people will not miss at all, if the government shut down. This President will hold his own mother hostage if it means getting his way. I wish he held the EPA, Homeland Security and the BATF hostage. Please threaten to shut them down if the debt ceiling is not increased. We would all say go right ahead. We do not care.

               This is not the time for the Congress to show any weakness. We need to deliver a major defeat to Obama now. No deals and no agreements with a man who wants to borrow to oblivion. He wants to borrow and raise taxes that would further kill the economy. This time the tea party republicans have to dig their heels in for a tough fight. They must hold their ground no matter what the Republican leadership says or what deal they make. The people want no more borrowing and no more extravagant spending at the expense of the people.

                This is the time we cannot show weakness and cave in. Every time we show weakness. It only emboldens this president to usurp more power for himself and weaken Congress. President Obama must have a major defeat to send a message he is not invincible, because the people have spoken. Go ahead Mr. President and try to hold the elderly hostage not sending out social security checks as a way to get your way. That is extortion trying to put a gun to the people's head saying give me what I want or granny starves and becomes homeless. Mr. President, why just make the threat of we might have to shut down the EPA and the TSA if the debt ceiling is not raised .They will use scare tactics we will be breathing dirty air and we might not be safe flying on a plane if the TSA is not there. I wish he do it. Then we can say go right ahead they are no good to us. Not hold granny hostage not getting a social security check.


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