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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Grand Political Delusion: "Wake Up America! Both Parties Are The SAME! Six Industries Control Everything!

Dylan Ratigan On The Grand Political Delusion: "Wake Up America! Both Parties Are The SAME! Six Industries Control Everything! It's Time For Independents To Rise!"


Video - Dylan Ratigan On Independent's Day - July 4, 2011
Watch at least the first few minutes of this clip.  
The intro is outstanding. Corporate crapitalism.
Ratigan rocks the house, and repeats what we've been saying for 32 months.  Corporate, crony crapitalism is the order of the day.  Both sides create the illusion (delusion, really) of distinction over worthless minutia, meanwhile GE, Exxon and News Corp. pay no taxes regardless of which side might temporarily wield the power of majority.  And party tribalists (80% of voters) are played for suckers.
The rest of us, who long ago figured out the malevolent game of corporate charades, are left wondering when the masses will emerge and awake from their collective loyalist stupor.
The false left-right paradigm is destroying this country and we have finally had enough.
Corporations run Congress and write legislation via K-Street lobbyists masquerading as boozing, pay-for-play prostitutes, who no longer even feign an attempt at hiding their misdeeds, as evidenced by our last story.
Wake up America.  Turn off ABC's Dancing With Bristol Palin, and tell American Idol to shove Simon Cowell's ego straight up his spray-on-tanned, lower excretive orifice.  The future of your nation is at stake, and it's about 2-decades past time to stop fu*%#king around and start paying attention.
Libertarians and independents must unite to end the tribalist siege.
You Want Proof That Congress Is Owned By Corporations? Check Out What They Did Right Before Going On Break

CBS News Video - June 29, 2011 - Runs 2 minutes
The K-Street lobbying whores are at it again, right on schedule.
CBS Nightly News - Before leaving town for 10 days last week, the House of Representatives found time to pass an amendment designed to help a single drug company.  And, as Nancy Cordes reports, this type of special fix is par for the course in Congress.

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