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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

White House Insider: Obama "Panicked" Over Re-Election Prospects

Published by Ulsterman on June 23, 2011 newsflavor.com

As President Obama faces an increasingly uncertain political future, our White House Insider indicates widespread re-election panic within the president’s inner-circle, hints at a "pushback" scandal against Republicans, and the intent to make the president "very uncomfortable" heading into 2012…

Question:  Please give your views on the Congressional Project Gunrunner hearings.  Were you satisfied with Issa’s performance?
Insider:  The hearings went as well as we could have hoped.  Congressman Issa, to his great credit, and to my own personal surprise, did an outstanding job.  We are as confident as ever that this scandal can prove to be the catalyst for further investigations into Barack Obama and others closely associated with his administration.  I still don’t entirely trust Congressman Issa, but for now he’s earning my respect and gratitude.  We cannot count on this Gunrunner thing by itself though.  The political defeat of Barack Obama in 2012 remains top priority.  Not so long ago I thought the possibility of defeating Obama in 2012 to be remote at best. I no longer feel that way.
I have been sharing with you the internal polling data for some time.  These internals have started to leak out to others.  Pat spoke to this publicly a couple weeks back.  They show the president as increasingly vulnerable across the board. By that I mean to say, the president is losing support from the very groups that made his election in 2008 possible.  These internal polls are done regularly.  If the results reflect positively for an administration, the results are given to certain media outlets and used to promote a president’s standing.  For over a year the results of these internals have been shut down for the simple fact that time after time they have shown Barack Obama to be far less popular with American voters than the media has been attempting to spin.  Obama’s actual approval numbers are now hovering between 38 and 40 percent, and even lower in some of the most critical swing states. He has lost ground most significantly in recent months with seniors and union members.  Without those two groups, Obama cannot win re-election, and the White House is downright panicked about it.
Question:  Explain what you mean by panicked.
Insider:  Just what I said.  Obama’s team is terrified of the data they are getting back from the internals.  Absolutely panicked.  Literally panicked.  There was a meeting among the president’s re-election team recently, Plough’s group, and the internal polling data was the main topic, and everybody was apparently expressing concern over the numbers.  The president was not at this meeting, but was soon after briefed on it.  There were no real answers given on how to improve the numbers, and that set the president off.  He tore into staff.  This has been happening with greater and greater frequency lately.  The president kept repeating, “Why isn’t it working?”  I am not certain what he was referring to with that question, but he was said to have repeated the question a number of times during the briefing.  Whatever “it” might be, the indication is clear.  President Obama is panicked over the now very real possibility he will be a one-term president.

Question:  What about Daley and Jarrett?  Are they still at war with each other over control of the West Wing?
Insider:  Bill Daley could give a sh-t about control over the West Wing.  I believe he initially was sent to the White House to protect the party.  I think at the time I called it “damage control”.  That was his original mission. That meant he was going to run head-on against Valerie Jarrett.  That’s her White House.  Obama is her boy.  Her creation. Her monster.  Since that time though, Daley has probably come to the realization, as so many others like myself who had dealings with the Obama administration, that the harm being done by this White House goes far beyond a political party.  It is infecting the fabric of the country, and the stakes are now very-very high for all of us.  When Daley, as the current Obama White House Chief of Staff came out publicly and declared there were policies initiated by the administration that were indefensible, that was just stunning.  That story is being so under-reported.  The White House Chief of Staff is calling President Obama indefensible.  That is exactly what that was.  And has there been any retraction? No. Did the president demand clarification? No.  Daley said it and Daley was left untouched. It was an incredible power play on his part, the implications of which I don’t know at this point, but I do intend to find out.

Question:  Have your read the Corsi book?  Where’s the Birth Certificate?
Insider:  No.

Question:  Do you intend to?
Insider:  No.  Maybe.  That issue is not a priority at this time.  Not that there isn’t an actual issue there to be looked into.  Just the opposite.  The fact is, none of us know how to approach it in such a way that gives a positive outcome.  That may change in the future, but for now, we are leaving it alone.  The entire subject of the president’s past is open to a lot of speculation. Much deserved speculation.  Personally, I am very suspicious now of things I recently would never have considered serious issues.  I admit to that – but I also admit to not having a clue or the time or the resources to look into it.  My expertise is elsewhere.  But there are people now within the party more openly asking questions about the president’s past.  That was not the case before, and I am certain the White House is aware of and concerned over that fact.  It’s an aspect in all of this that could prove very useful in the future, but for now we have other “targets” we are focusing in on. The work of many months is finally proving out thanks to the much needed help of others.

Question:  Anything you would like us to watch out for in the coming weeks?
Insider:  There is a pushback scandal coming.  Learned of it weeks ago.  Appears ready to break.  It will be fed to the media and used to deflect attention away from the president.

Question:  Pushback scandal? 
Insider:  Basically something Obama operatives have had in the can for some time now.  A “pushback” from the hits the president and his administration has been taking on Fast and Furious, the poor polling data, the Libya challenge, etc.  It’s very basic politics, but it also once again proves desperation coming from this White House.  The scandal will be fed to those media figures that remain devoted to the president.  It will attempt to damage the Republicans while at the same time diminish the growing dissatisfaction against Obama.
Question:  Will it succeed in doing so?
Insider:  Short term, probably.  Longer term, no.  Initially we were going to sit back and let it run its natural course.  More recently we instead are going to assist in countering the scandal.  Diminish its initial damage, and then refocus attention back onto Obama.  The more uncomfortable we make him, the better, and we intend to make him very-very politically uncomfortable heading into 2012.
Question:  How do you plan to refocus attention back onto Obama?
Insider:  You will know when you see it.  It will be significant.
UPDATE:  Democrat Congressman Declares Barack Obama “An absolute monarch.” 
On Friday, New York Democratic Party Congressman Jerrold Nadler described President Barack Obama as an absolute monarch due to the president’s repeated refusal to concede he has no authority to wage war in Libya without Congressional approval.  Later that same day, the House voted to reject President Obama’s authority to keep soldiers fighting in Libya – with 70 Democrats voting with Republicans and against President Obama on the matter.
These statements and public votes are clear indicators of the rising tide of discontent within the Democratic Party so often spoken of by Insider…

Read more: http://newsflavor.com/politics/us-politics/white-house-insider-obama-panicked-over-re-election-prospects/#ixzz1QeNGc3fz

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