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Monday, June 20, 2011

Charlie Daniels: Sea Sick

By Charlie Daniels  newsbusters.org

I am so sick and tired of people defending Barack Obama and the disastrous policies of the two years the Democrats had control of both houses of Congress. If anybody ever had a reverse Midas touch, it is this president. Everything he touches turns to debt.
I sincerely want anybody who wants to defend Obama to respond to this column, but I don't want to have even one response that mentions George W. Bush's name. The time for blaming America's problems on anybody else but Obama has long past.
He now owns both wars and has somehow managed to get us involved in Libya and Yemen to boot. He owns the unemployment rate that is headed for double digits very soon along with a near future inflation rate you don't even want to think about.
He owns the rapidly declining dollar that will soon cease to be accepted as the unit of trade around the world. He owns the illegal immigration problem and the violence at the border where now the drug thugs have started shooting across the border at American law enforcement.
He owns the inept and racial prejudiced Attorney General who files lawsuits against states for trying to defend their citizens; a job the Federal government is mandated to do but refuses to.
He owns Obamacare, the national disaster that will finish off an already tottering economy, chase scores of doctors from private practice, drastically reduce the quality of health care, basically do away with private insurance companies, take the future of healthcare out of the hands of professionals and into the hands of government appointees who will dole out medical care according to some set of bureaucratic rules.
Obama claims to be for the common man but surrounds himself with elitists and academic snobs who have never lived at street level running businesses or serving in the military and not able to even relate to the people Obama claims to care so much about.
The stock market has fallen for six straight weeks, consumer confidence is down and companies are holding on to their investable money because, like the rest of us, they don't have any idea what fiscal foolishness Obama may try to pull off next.
Be truthful. Can you honestly say that you and your family are better off than you were three years ago? Can you say that America is a safer place to live than it was three years ago?
Obama promised hope and change, he didn't deliver on the hope but he sure brought the change and most all of it for the worst.
Folks this is not about Democrat or Republican or conservative and liberal. This is about the survival of the United States of America and transcends politics.
Barack Obama was not put forth by the Democrats because he was qualified to be president, but because he was an extremely attractive person that they thought could win because of the force of his personality.
Well, they were right, he won and now he's lost at sea, surrounded by people who are just as lost as he is and together they are sailing the ship of state into uncharted waters.
And sometimes I think this bunch has thrown the compass overboard.
Read more: http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/charlie-daniels/2011/06/20/sea-sick#ixzz1PqBit62o

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