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Sunday, May 15, 2011

TIMELINE of the Osama-Obama SOAP OPERA here..

FOXNews.com - Report: Bin Laden Already Dead Wednesday, December 26, 2001.
Usama bin Laden has died a peaceful death due to an untreated lung complication, the Pakistan Observer reported, citing a Taliban leader who allegedly attended the funeral of the Al... Qaeda leader.

"The Coalition troops are engaged in a mad search operation but they would never be able to fulfill their cherished goal of getting Usama alive or dead," the source said.

Bin Laden, according to the source, was suffering from a serious lung complication and succumbed to the disease in mid-December, in the vicinity of the Tora Bora mountains. The source claimed that bin Laden was laid to rest honorably in his last abode and his grave was made as per his Wahabi belief.

About 30 close associates of bin Laden in Al Qaeda, including his most trusted and personal bodyguards, his family members and some "Taliban friends," attended the funeral rites. A volley of bullets was also fired to pay final tribute to the "great leader."

The Taliban source who claims to have seen bin Laden's face before burial said "he looked pale ... but calm, relaxed and confident."

Asked whether bin Laden had any feelings of remorse before death, the source vehemently said "no." Instead, he said, bin Laden was proud that he succeeded in his mission of igniting awareness amongst Muslims about hegemonistic designs and conspiracies of "pagans" against Islam. Bin Laden, he said, held the view that the sacrifice of a few hundred people in Afghanistan was nothing, as those who laid their lives in creating an atmosphere of resistance will be adequately rewarded by Almighty Allah.

When asked where bin Laden was buried, the source said, "I am sure that like other places in Tora Bora, that particular place too must have vanished."

MORE LIES FLASHBACK: Panetta claims '25-minute blackout' .... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/al-qaeda/8493391/Osama-bin-Laden-dead-Blackout-during-raid-on-bin-Laden-compound.html

SEALs say release of tactical info jeopardizes safety, future raids. http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/washington-whispers/2011/05/13/seals-angry-at-attention-want-it-stopped ..

WHITE HOUSE TO QUIT FAKING 'NEWS' PHOTOS. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110512/ap_on_re_us/us_obama_photographers .

Pornography found in bin Laden hideout: officials...
http://ca.news.yahoo.com/exclusive-pornography-found-bin-laden-hideout-officials-162214194.html . Pornography in the "compound", then Bin Laden wasn't a real Muslim because it is a mortal sin for a Muslim to look at a naked woman other than his wife. So, If bin Laden isn't really a Muslim .

You have to wonder what on earth the Obama administration hopes to achieve by continually insulting the intelligence of the American people, after the official narrative behind the alleged Bin Laden raid was changed yet again..
http://www.prisonplanet.com/narrative-behind-bin-laden-fable-flip-flops-again.html .

Iranian Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi claims that Osama Bin Laden died from an illness before the US raid on his compound in Abbottabad. Iran has documents to prove it, http://rt.com/news/osama-dead-raid/ .

Osama came from a very powerful and rich Military Industrial Complex family, in fact the Bin Laden's had vacationed with the Bush's in the past, and were still in business together and meeting on the morning of 9/11 via the Carlyle Group. Osama had actually worked with our CIA openly during the late 70s and early 80s while the United States posed against the Soviets. Dan Rather even did a detailed report about how Bin Laden was receiving dialysis treatment at a Pakistani hospital in the hours just before 9/11. While being treated he was guarded by members of the Pakistani military that night, despite Pakistan supposedly being our ally at the time. Our current Vice President Joe Biden has even had to admit on camera that Pakistan has a classified role in 9/11, but let’s not forget that Edmonds named Pakistan as part of this rogue intelligence network.

We now have a wide range of evidence that points to an intelligence asset in poor health that had been cared for and shepherded before 9/11. The fact of the matter is this did not stop after the attacks either. The leader of the Special Forces unit that was in Tora Bora on the hunt for Bin Laden, Dalton Fury claims he was not allowed to get Bin Laden when they had the chance in 2001 after the attacks. The book “Jawbreaker” by Gary Bernsten tells a similar tale where bin Laden was in their sights and they were not allowed to act.

Now almost a decade later the Obama administration has now brought justice to the most notorious criminal since Hitler in the form of a bullet through the skull…or so they say. How can we trust anything this criminal enterprise we call our government says after they have been caught time and time again lying. Does this mean the unjust wars of aggression are going to end? No it will not. Will the ever encroaching Police State in our own country begin to subside? Don’t count on it. For now the dumbed down masses are just happy to chant “We’re number one!” and wrap themselves in a flag that no longer represents the greatness it once did.
http://szaboservices.blogspot.com/2011/05/more-information-about-bin-laden.html?spref=fb .

For those doubters still out there, this is the official most wanted poster for Bin Laden. There is no mention of him being wanted in connection for participating in the 9-11 attacks. He was wanted for the August 7, 1998, bombings of the United States Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya. In addition, Bin Laden is a suspect in other terrorist attacks throughout the world. No mention of it at all! http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/topten/usama-bin-laden .

Bin Laden - Abbottabad Residents "It's all a fake, nothing happened"... In a BBC News report, Orla Guerin interviewed dozens of people who were adamant that Bin Laden did not live in the compound, with none of them ever witnessing him or hearing rumors that he was there in the five years that Obama claimed Bin ...Laden was a resident in the town.
"It's all a fake, nothing happened," said a newspaper seller who has been working in the town for 50 years.
Another resident told Guerin that the man seen in the video footage of Osama allegedly flicking between television channels is in fact his neighbor, not Bin Laden.

"His name is Akhbar Han, he owns the house they said was Osama's house, I know him very well," the man stated.

After speaking to "more than 50 people in the market," Guerin found only one who believed that the man watching television was Bin Laden.
http://yourfreedomexpired.blogspot.com/ .

BBC: Osama bin Laden was CIA agent  Al-Qaeda Never Existed: Invented by CIA... That hardly surprises me, considering the Mujahedin, and Taliban can both be traced back to the CIA, so why not Al Qaeda?!? Once again, our shortsightedness has led to our own pain-in-the-neck!.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbkvz4hezmU .

Bin Laden was said to have died years ago, this information was told by several people in the military and some other people with Intel. Why even believe this is a story of fact ...when not even one shred of proof was given on Osama’s guilt of 9/11 - CIA admitted to faking bin laden videos so is it too hard to believe they kept "This boogie man" alive for their WAR on Terror? So we are to believe Osama denounced the killing of innocent people then changed his mind and admitted he done 9/11? The people who put out those videos are the same people that faked other videos - should we believe anything they say! 9/11 was an inside job done by our government for purposes you can find out yourself if you think back on what was going on at the time!
Facts can amaze you if you dissimulate and not believe everything you hear, where is the information coming from? Are they reputable? Have they been caught in a lie? Who is to gain? Questions give answers - this whole story of Panetta is another side story to the lie to gain respect for the Democrats, they want Obama out of the way but to do that they need to discredit Obama and keep their group in good standing. Farce, fakery, trickster’s is what they are and many of you believe this garbage....
 http://szaboservices.blogspot.com/2011/05/latest-fake-osama-picture-making-rounds.html?spref=fb .

Osama Bin Laden Death Skeptics Grow As Lynne Blankenbeker, New Hampshire State Rep, Voices Doubts... This is extremely dishonest. Hardly anyone doubt Bin Laden is dead. The issue is whether he died in December 2001 as was reported in the foreign media (and even once at FOXNews).The heavy handed attempt to ridicule those who prudently question the accuracy of the White House story, even as the White House repeatedly changes their official story, proves that Huffington Post is no longer about reporting the news, but...
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/05/09/osama-bin-laden-death-skeptics-lynne-blankenbeker_n_859371.html?show_comment_id=87593500#comment_87593500,sb=842936,b=facebook .

PressTV - Pakistanis doubt US claim on Osama kill... Some local media outlets and Urdu-language newspapers in Pakistan have reported that a local man was killed in the raid and not the al-Qaeda leader. The Boogeyman has gone off the scene, regardless if he was brought up or made up by the CIA, dead for many years or died in the recent raid. What matters is that his brand name cannot be used for fear mongering anymore... http://www.presstv.ir/detail/179054.html .

With Benazir Bhutto assassinated the motive arises in that she quite clearly leads not only her death to the door of the Pakistanis but also responsibility for the 9/11 attacks are implicated as well. Aired on 2nd November 2007,David Frost ...the presenter did not challenge her on her assertion (2:14) that Bin Laden was murdered, so maybe he was and the West has not announced it.

It would make sense that the West would cover up such a truth, as Bin Laden is needed as a "bogeyman" to continue the farcical "War on Terror". .
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnychOXj9Tg&feature=player_embedded .

'Bin Laden dead long before US raid' 08 May 2011 Iran's intelligence minister says the country has reliable information that former head of the 'al-Qaeda' terrorist group Osama bin Laden died of disease some time ago. "We have accurate information that bin Laden died of illness some time ago," Heidar Moslehi told reporters. He questioned Washington's claim that bin Laden http://www.presstv.ir/detail/178898.html .

The U.S. Army has used local television stations in the U.S. as training posts for some of its psy-ops personnel, according to Yahoo! News blog The Upshot. Since at least 2001, both WRAL, a CBS affiliate in Raleigh, N.C., and WTOC, a CBS affiliate in Savannah, Ga., have regularly hosted active-duty soldiers from the Army's 4th Psychological Operations group as part of the Army's Training With Industry program. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKX4GtZHcVc&feature=player_embedded .

Osama Bin Laden is Dead (again) « COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS... Stop laughing Coto members. This is serious. Does this mean that our troops can give up their careers in Afghanistan as poppy field guarders? au contraire! I heard one CBS talking head say that it means the “war on terror”(terra)now escalates. http://cotocrew.wordpress.com/2011/05/02/osama-bin-laden-is-dead-again/ .

Hoax: White House Claims 4-Year-Old Bin Laden Tapes Are New Footage : In a desperate effort to bolster its crumbling official narrative, the White House today released a set of dubious Bin Laden “home movies” purportedly seized from his compound during the raid on Sunday night that it claims show Bin Laden on camera in 2010.

The tapes are almost identical to footage released almost four years ago by a notorious Pentagon front group that acts as a conduit for US intelligence by regularly releasing fake Al-Qaeda videos.

Before we even look at the new tapes, recall... that the Washington Post reported last year on how CIA officials recruited “darker-skinned employees” to create fake Bin Laden tapes. The fact that the CIA created fake Bin Laden tapes is an admitted fact, not a conspiracy theory.

“Extraordinary home videos taken from Osama bin Laden’s hideout show the terrorist leader watching news coverage of himself on television,” reports the Daily Mail.

“The videos were seized by Navy SEALs after Bin Laden was killed. They were shown to reporters this afternoon by intelligence officials.”

One of the videos purports to show Bin Laden watching television news reports about himself. The footage is filmed from almost behind his head and only shows a small portion of his face. The TV shows footage of Bin Laden as well as still images and footage of Barack Obama. Interestingly, the only moment in which the cameraman zooms in on the TV so that you can clearly see the picture is when it either shows Bin Laden, Obama, or both of them in a still shot together.

Contrary to the footage of Bin Laden allegedly flicking through television channels, in which his beard is gray, in the other tapes, which the White House claims were recorded between October and November 2010, Bin Laden appears with his beard dyed black. The man watching TV appears to be much older than the Bin Laden seen in the other tapes.
http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=35200 .

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED BEHIND CLOSED DOORS DURING THE OSAMA ATTACK... "What Valerie Jarrett, and the president, did not know is that Leon Panetta had already initiated a program that reported to him –and only him, involving a covert on the ground attack against the compound."

Note:This update comes some 24 hours after our
longtime Washington D.C. Insider first outlined shocking details of an Obama
administration having been “overruled” by senior military and intelligence
officials leading up to the successful attack against terrorist Osama Bin
Laden. What follows is further clarification of Insider’s insights surrounding
that event.In my initial communication to you of these events I described what unfolded as
a temporary Coup initiated by high ranking intelligence and military officials.
I stand by that term. These figures worked around the uncertainty of President
Obama and the repeated resistance of Valerie Jarrett. If they had not been
willing to do so, I am certain Osama Bin Laden would still be alive today.""

The following day, and
with Panetta’s permission, Clinton met in private with Bill Daley and urged him
to get the president’s full and open approval of the Panetta plan. Daley agreed
such approval would be of great benefit to the action, and instructed Clinton
to delay proceeding until he had secured that approval. Daley contacted Clinton
within hours of their meeting indicating Jarrett
refused to allow the president to give that approval. Daley
then informed Clinton that he too would fully support Panetta in his actions,
even if it meant disclosing the president’s indecision to the American public
should that action fail to produce a successful conclusion. Clinton took that message back to Panetta and the CIA director initiated the 48 hour engagement order.".
There was not going to be another delay as had happened 24 hour earlier. The operation was at this time effectively unknown to President Barack Obama or Valerie Jarrett and it remained that way until AFTER it had already been initiated. President Obama was literally pulled from a golf outing and escorted back to the White House to be informed of the mission. Upon his arrival there was a briefing held which included Bill Daley, John Brennan, and a high ranking member of the military. When Obama emerged from the briefing, he was described as looking “very confused and uncertain.” The president was then placed in the situation room where several of the players in this event had already been watching the operation unfold.

Another interesting tidbit regarding this is that the Vice President was already “up to speed” on the operation. A source indicated they believe Hillary Clinton had personally made certain the Vice President was made aware of that day’s events before the president was. The now famous photo released shows the particulars of that of that room and its occupants. What that photo does not communicate directly is that the military personnel present in that room during the operation unfolding, deferred to either Hillary Clinton or Robert Gates. The president’s role was minimal, including their acknowledging of his presence in the room.
At this point, the President of the United States was not informed of the engagement order – it did not originate from him, and for several hours after the order had been given and
the special ops forces were preparing for action into Pakistan from their
position in Afghanistan, Daley successfully kept Obama and Jarrett insulated
from that order.
There will be no punishment to those who acted outside the authority of the
president’s office. The president cannot afford to admit such a fact. What will
be most interesting from here is to now see what becomes of Valerie Jarrett.
One source indicated she is threatening resignation. I find that unlikely given
my strong belief she needs the protection afforded her by the Oval Office and
its immense powers to delay and eventually terminate investigations back in
Chicago, but we shall see..
 http://www.patriotactionnetwork.com/profiles/blog/show?id=2600775%3ABlogPost%3A3774422 .


If you think the Navy Seals REALLY KILLED OSAMA look here make up your own mind!

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