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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Latest fake Osama picture making the rounds.


Obama is trying to claim credit for the kill so that he can points to this as a campaign promise he fulfilled. But this is another lie. According to reports from Pakistan, the man Obama is claiming is Bin Laden was killed by Pakistani soldiers in the aftermath of a helicopter shoot-down..

He was already dead when bystanders said he might be Bin Laden. At that point US forces intervened, snatched the body, issued a press release, scheduled a speech, then dumped the body in the ocean after claiming a DNA test proved it was Bin Laden, even though a DNA test for identity takes a minimum of 48 hours in a modern lab. Then we had the faked photo shown all over the media, then retracted and blamed on "conspiracy theorists.".

As I have mentioned many times; this is where the long years of government lying comes back on them, because nobody is going to take the word of the US Government about anything, no matter how many flag-wavers they hire to poser in front of the White House at 1 in the morning.
In this case there are two lies. The US did not get this man, Pakistan did, and given that the real Bin Laden was reported dead in 2001, this man cannot be him.

Ignoring the bullet hole this guy looks very healthy for ten years of dialysis. The nose is also too narrow. But the main reason to disregard this as another likely fake is simple. This image is tainted green to make it look like a night vision image, yet the soldier at right is looking off left, apparently able to see just fine without night vision goggles. And finally, there is something missing from this image that should be there (besides night vision goggles).
There is an illumination source to the upper right of the camera taking this image. You can see the resulting shadows on the jawline and cheek of the soldier. More to the point, there is clearly a shadow from the soldier's face extending left from his face and falling on the floor and the side of "Osama's" face. Yet there is no trace of a similar shadow from the face of "Osama" above the beard near the right eye.
And didn't the White House say "Osama" was shot above the LEFT eye?
UPDATE: An alert reader just sent in the following. If you invert the image (create a negative) there is an obvious edge artifact in the shadow cast by the soldier at the right). This looks like a compositing artifact.

UPDATE 2: Source image found! From the movie "Blackhawk Down".
And flipped...

ANOTHER FAKED PHOTO HITS THE PRESS! Startling insight into the life of Bin Laden's young wife who gave up everything for terror chief.

Taking a bullet for your husband and agreeing to live in a cave for him are surely the biggest gestures of love a woman can make.
But these are just days in the life of the wife of Osama bin Laden who - until Monday - was America's most wanted terrorist.
Amal Ahmed Abdul Fatah - thought to be Bin Laden's fifth and final wife - was shot in the calf when she charged at the Navy SEALs who stormed the room she had been living in with her husband for the last five years.
As Pakistani authorities took hold of the woman and her young daughter Safiyah, they hoped that questioning her could provide intricate details into the life of America's most hated enemy.
Take a close look at the fingers in the DailyMail photo of the passport. This is another photoshop creation and a very clumsy one at that. The face seems to be an overlay as well and not part of the actual image of the passport.
Close up of finger showing sloppy work.
UPDATE: The Daily Mail has restarted commenting for the article, but not included my original comment pointing out the fraud.
Note that they are using an almost 20 year old photo of the real Osama to try to make a comparison, rather than the last known photo of the real Osama, which showed a rapidly aging and very sick man. The skin on the dead body is not showing the signs of ten years of dialysis. Looking at the undamaged right side of "Osama's" face, the eyebrow does not match that in the picture of the young real Osama.
What is going on is that while the White House publicly discusses whether they should release a photo or not, they are "test marketing" fakes by leaking them onto the net to see which (if any) will be believed by the public. But you can only do that so many times before the public simply assumes ALL the "Dead Osama" pictures are going to be fakes.
This is the third fake foisted on the public.
Three strikes, and you're OUTA HERE!
UPDATE: The source image for this fake has been found. A cut-and-paste mouth, plus a bit of morphing tool was used to try to make this face look like the Osama seen at the link. The gory part has been pixelated out.

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