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Monday, October 4, 2010

Uprising in Europe, PAY attention!!

Topic started on 3-10-2010 @ 05:45 PM by oozyism
ATS Member
I feel like a retard looking at these thread (Terror Alerts Upgraded Across Europe) yet not seeing anyone connect the dots, heck it wasn't long ago that millions were protesting in different European states:

Police officers, firefighters, soldiers and nurses were among tens of thousands protesting in Prague on Tuesday over government plans to slash salaries. Between 25,000 and 30,000 people from across the Czech Republic took part in the protest, according to official police figures.

Tens of thousands of angry workers marched through cities across Europe on Wednesday to protest against the wave of government austerity measures that have swept through the region over the past year. A procession of roughly 100,000 people snaked through the streets of Brussels, led by a group dressed in black suits and masks and calling themselves the European Union of Speculators, a pointed jibe at the bankers many blame for the current crisis.

The French cabinet meets Wednesday, a day after 
over a million people took part in demonstrations across France to protest against pension reforms that President Nicolas Sarkozy says he is determined to implement and are necessary.



IF the truth is, that bankers and other corporations influence the Western government so much, then it all makes sense, the government is protecting the bankers, and punishing the people. Infact the government is using people's money to pay for the bankers, and traders.

That is an absurdity, so the troops are in the streets of Europe, not because of a Mumbai style terror attack planned in Pakistan, but because the Europeans are sick of their governments, Europe is in a state of rogue martial law, they are lying to everyone, PR, that is what Iran can't do, unlike the West Iran has always failed to hide the truth, and spread BS like the West.

Unions fear that workers will become the biggest victims of an economic crisis set off by bankers and traders [AFP]



Do you guys know the magnitude of this event? Ofcourse, they will hide it, in the same manner the US hid the crimes of murderous Saddam Hussein, when he was killing innocent Kurds and Shiites. When they do not show the magnitude of these protests, no one pays attention, how the hell did you guys pay so much attention to the Iranian protests and not this?

If you still believe brainwashing doesn't work, you are beyond humanity.

These BS alerts, that terrorists are coming, has two objectives, one to stop any uprise that might be planned by Europeans, second to justify the murder of innocent Pakistanis in their own homes (Western War Crimes).

Let's not forget about our European brothers, like we forgot about our Iraqi brothers.

This terror alert has nothing to do with Pakistanis, this has to do with Europeans being sick of their governments, now we have armed soldiers/police in the streets of Europe, do you understand the magnitude of this event? Let's not undermine it, let's support our European brothers and help them topple their oppressive puppet regimes.
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I was reading about Marx and came across this passage: 

Marx argued that capitalism, like previous socioeconomic systems, would inevitably produce internal tensions which would lead to its destruction



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