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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two More Calls for Impeachment

Two more voices have joined the growing chorus of Americans demanding any incoming Republican Congress impeach President Barack Obama.
A touching, personal plea came from Henry Shivley of World News Heard Now. Shivley is a self-described “49-year-old 99er” — a worker who has been out of work for 99 weeks and thus is ineligible for unemployment benefits. Calling on his fellow Tier 5 and 99ers to unite in their call for impeachment, he asked on October 7, “How long does the international corporate mafia think this can go on before violence erupts?”
He cited a number of Obama’s actions, including his attempt to implement a Marxist worldview, his efforts at “doing away with our borders,” and the fact that “the traitor Obama has filed suit against the sovereign state of Arizona” before the United Nations — a story first reported on the Impeach Obama Campaign website.
He wrote these are not mere policy disagreements but constitute grounds for impeachment:
…treason against the United States of America consists of the advocating of any form of government in the United States other than the free republic described in the Constitution for the United States.
…By all rights Barack Hussein Obama should be impeached and then tried in a court of law for the crime of constructive treason against the people of the United States of America as the prima facia evidence clearly indicates that he is a traitor.
His assessment of the constitutional grounds for impeachment echoes that of Floyd Brown, who has spearheaded the Impeach Obama Campaign. Brown has noted:
“high crimes and misdemeanors” does not refer to a criminal act, as some would lead you to believe. Our Founding Fathers fully intended to allow for the removal of the president for actions which are gross incompetence, gross negligence, outright distasteful, or in the case of Barack Hussein Obama, actions which clearly show “malevolence toward this country, which is unabated.”
The Founders, Brown has rightly argued, did not intend impeachment only to cover the personal bad behavior of a president but also any attempt to alter the American form of government embodied in the U.S. Constitution.
Unbeknownst to Shivley, another writer had taken up the same offensive a week earlier. On September 28, Stephen J. Blandino of New Jersey wrote on NJ.com that Obama truly intends to fundamentally transform the very fabric of the United States — “with the help of the socialist/Democrat Congress.”
If he intends to do that, he better do it in a hurry before the November elections, because if and when the Republicans gain control of Congress, his dream of a Marxist utopia will go up in smoke…Perhaps with a Republican Congress, they may find enough evidence to have him impeached and removed for the Oval Office.
What a glorious day that would be.
Blandino and Shivley are far from alone. Calls for Obama’s impeachment continue to pour in, from Florida to California. Darrell Issa has promised to investigate numerous act of wrongdoing by the administration if Republicans retake the House after the midterms. The quite liberal Jonathan Chait of The New Republic agrees Barack Obama will be impeached.
The coming success of the impeach Obama movement likely represents why the Soros-fundedMedia Matters has attacked our calls for justice generally and Floyd Brown specifically. However, this president and his administration have so often, so flagrantly crossed the lines of legality that an avalanche of Obama investigations have been announced. And even George Soros knows there is no point “standing in the way of an avalanche.”
Perhaps Shivley said it best:
I think it’s time to get on our phones and computers and text, email, and tweet demanding that President Obama be impeached.
Click here to sign the impeach Obama petition. If you see impeachment activities in your community please report them to us. Use the contact form. We are working to try and increase awareness of the thousands of spontaneous calls for impeachment from all corners of America.

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