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Wednesday, October 6, 2010



Dear Sarah,

On August 28 you stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and urged thousands of conservative activists and patriots to honor the men and women in our military.  You appealed to all Americans to restore traditional values to our country and to celebrate all who have fought to preserve our freedoms and protect our country’s founding principles.

You told the crowd that our military was “a force for good in this country” and you even took time to personally honor several military veterans onstage; imploring the crowd to look at them for inspiration. 

Sarah, patriotic Americans do look to the military for inspiration and we do honor their service. No one deserves our support, our respect, our thanks, and our prayers more than those who serve with honor in our armed forces.  We thank you for shining the spotlight on them and we know that you will continue to do so.

Unfortunately, there was a glaring “oversight” at the Restoring Honor rally that August day in our nation’s capital.  It was not so much an oversight however as it was an intentional omission.
No one, including you, had the courage to speak out and pay tribute to a true patriot: Lt. Col. Terry Lakin who is currently being court-martialed by the United States Army.  Lt. Col. Lakin is facing trial later this month because he decided to challenge Barack Hussein Obama’s constitutional authority as president of the United States and commander-in-chief of our military.

On March 30 of this year, Lt. Col. Lakin respectfully wrote a letter to Mr. Obama and explained that his military oath requires that he swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Lt. Col. Lakin went on to explain that he had attempted to get answers to the many questions surrounding Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS from both his superiors and his Congressional delegation, all to no avail.

And what was Mr. Obama’s response to Lt. Col. Lakin’s letter?  Nothing. Only silence. Quite telling coming from the purported Commander-in Chief. Quite telling indeed.

Sarah, ask yourself: What leader, elected in a free society, who also serves as the commander-in-chief of a volunteer military, sworn to uphold the Constitution, and  entrusted to protect our country and its citizens, would allow any member of the military to be court-martialed for want of a document that he himself could and should provide as indisputable proof that he was in fact, constitutionally qualified to hold that position of power and authority? Well, it’s certainly not a person who has nothing to hide. This has become increasingly obvious as the American people endure each passing day of the Obama regime. This is an outrage!

Patriotic citizens who serve in uniform deserve to be treated with respect and forthrightness.  It is an absolute imperative that they know without question, whether the commander-in chief is lawfully entitled to serve in that capacity or not.  In fact ALL Americans deserve to know! No exceptions! Since when did our elected officials become exempt from the laws and procedures, we as Americans must follow?

America is in crisis right now. We have a usurper in the White House; a man who has perpetrated the greatest crime ever against the American people.  The issue of eligibility should be the No.1 issue in America today. It should be front page news every day until it is resolved. Unfortunately, it’s intentionally not being reported and no one in the government will touch it. Cowards! Where are the leaders?

The Obama eligibility issue is the most important issue facing us today because it goes to the heart of our national security and maintaining the integrity of the Constitution and rule of law. The issue continues to simmer and bubble up as more and more Americans learn that something is rotten in Washington.  This issue needs to be addressed now. Many Americans are worried and distraught, divided and confused over how this could have happened.  The internet is ablaze with information that absolutely exposes the Obama’s fraud and criminality, but no one in our government or the media will dare bring this to widespreadnational attention. We need a leader, a patriot who will step up to a microphone and challenge Mr. Obama once and for all.

As a consequence of Obama’s failure to provide proof of eligibility, Lt. Col. Lakin decided that until Mr. Obama could assure the American people that he was indeed constitutionally eligible to serve as Commander-in-Chief his only alternative was to honor his oath as an officer and refuse to deploy to Afghanistan.  Without sufficient proof from Obama that validated his eligibility to be POTUS, it is Lt. Col. Lakin’s contention that he and all other military officers may very well be following illegal orders.

The indisputable truth is that we do not know the man in the White House. We do not know if he is even an American! We do not know his legal name or who his natural father is with absolute certainty. We have no proof of his true citizenship, or whether or not he is even in the United States legally.  We do know that if we take Obama at his word (a difficult premise for sure) that he cannot be a natural born American given the fact that his father was Kenyan; but is he even a native born American? We just don’t know! Can someone please tell us when and where Obama was actually born including what state and what hospital?  Remember that Obama has never provided one scintilla of evidence to support the fact that he is either a native or natural born American. Only his supporters during the 2008 campaign, when it became an issue, made any attempt to lay the issue to rest. The document they produced however has been proven to be a forgery and even if it was legitimate is not sufficient proof by any legal standard. It’s a travesty that America has to endure this unknown in the White House as he is destroys America from within! What has this country become?

What we do know though, is that Barack Obama is an extremely dishonest man - by any measure. One need only listen to his rhetoric and observe his actions to see that does not have the values of our Founding Fathers. Obama is unabashedly anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-life and an appeaser of those who seek to destroy us.  He has disrespected and insulted America’s allies at every turn, and he has been tireless in his efforts to impose his Marxist agenda on the American people.  His policies are the antithesis of our founding principles.  Obama is bankrupting the nation and robbing us and our children of our cherished freedoms and liberty and his failure to protect the American people is contemptible.

We also know that Barack  Hussein Obama (is that really his legal name?) is a self-admitted dual citizen and thus ineligible to be president under Article II of the Constitution. Nevertheless, he sits illegally in the White House arrogantly pushing his radical agenda, lying to the American people who elected him and systematically shredding the U.S. Constitution, the supreme law of our land. Obama has violated his oath repeatedly and he has shown clearly that he cannot be trusted by the American people!

And yet no calls for investigations from the elected representatives in government and silence from the leaders on the Right when it comes to Obama’s ultimate crime, the usurpation of the White House.  Presidential hopefuls, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Romney, Huckabee, Thune, Daniels, and yes you, Sarah, are all silent on the eligibility issue.  And of course there is nary a peep from any of them about the Lakin court-martial which has proven to be a farce of the highest order. This is shameful. What’s going on? What country do we live in? Where are the leaders? Where is our George Washington, our Paul Revere, or our Patrick Henry? Where Sarah is our Joan of Arc?

Lt. Col. Lakin on the other hand, has dedicated his adult life to service of his country.  He has served with loyalty, honor, dignity and courage. He is a leader!  He does not deserve the abhorrent disdain and disrespect exhibited by Mr. Obama. Lakin’s court-martial is a sham and contravenes the values upon which this great country was founded.

Lakin is laying his reputation, his career, and his personal freedom on the line for all America.  He is doing it for you and for me. He is doing it for all Americans, your children and future generations. He is doing it because he believes that the U.S. Constitution must be upheld and respected at all costs. Failure to uphold the Constitution and America ceases to exist as we know it today and as the Founding Fathers intended it to be.  Lt. Col Lakin is doing EXACTLY, Sarah, what you talked about in front of the Lincoln Memorial.  He is fighting to preserve OUR freedoms and our founding principles!

All Lakin wants and all the American people want is a fair trial and true justice. We know that if that were to happen, Mr. Obama would be exposed as the fraud he truly is and he would be forced to resign.  Then we could begin to take back our country and repair the damage.  Oh, how liberating that would be!  Lt. Col. Lakin embodies the best that America has to offer.  He deserves an answer from Mr. Obama now, or in the alternative a fair and just trial proceeding that would simply expose the truth for the world to see.

Remember that Lt. Col. Lakin has as a constitutional obligation to determine if the commander-in-chief is legitimate because he is required under his oath to only obey lawful orders. “Obama” likewise, has a constitutional obligation to ensure the American people that he is qualified to be POTUS under the Constitution.

Getting back to that intentional omission at the “Restoring Honor” rally. Glenn Beck who headlined and sponsored the event, and yourself are employed by FOX News.  FOX has essentially muzzled its staff on radio and TV.  None of the commentators, hosts and pundits are allowed to talk about the Obama eligibility issue and the Lakin court-martial is off limits for obvious reasons.  In fact, the only time FOX or virtually 99% of any other media outlet has even broached the subject is for the purpose of spewing propaganda, misleading the public, or ridiculing and demeaning the Lt. Col. himself. When has FOX ever had Orly Taitz, Mario Apuzzo, Cmdr. Kerchner, or Lakin’s defense team on to give their side of the story? Fair and Balanced…You Decide. What a joke! What a disgrace! These efforts to report are simply token gestures to keep the loyal and trusting audience off balance about the real truth. It doesn’t get more reprehensible than that.

We all know that the mainstream media sold out the American people during the 2008 campaign. If the mainstream media and the cable outlets had done their job we would not be in this situation today. Americans would never knowingly elect a Communist/Marxist, anti-Christian, bigot, who they had no proof of as to where he was born and or his actual citizenship. Are you kidding? Little did we realize that FOX was in on it too; and the FOX reporters, hosts and pundits who know full well the truth now and yet continue to mislead the public or simply ignore the story altogether, should be deeply ashamed. It’s disgusting and a blatant betrayal of the public’s trust.

It is very unseemly watching a cable news network that touts itself as being fair and balanced, purposely misrepresenting, distorting and even lying about the greatest crime ever perpetrated against the American people, i.e., the fraudulent election of Barack Hussein Obama to be POTUS and the subsequent usurpation of that office. The fact that FOX continues to prop Obama up, striving to give him some measure of respect and credibility, while ignoring the fact that he is constitutionally ineligible and guilty of a plethora of ongoing subversive anti-American activities is unconscionable. Little by little though, the American people are catching on. Thank goodness for the internet.

It’s obvious that Fox has told its on-air employees on radio and TV that they cannot talk about the eligibility issue unless it is to demean or marginalize those who question Obama’s eligibility. That’s why talk show hosts have either chosen to ignore the issue (Hannity), ridicule those who dare bring it up (Beck) or just outright lie and misrepresent the truth (O’Reilly and Kelly). There is something truly repugnant watching highly paid commentators, hosts and pundits who value their job, their paycheck and their book deals, more than their country and their fellow citizens.  

Sarah, the “lamestream” media as you like to call it and Fox and its liberal cable partners are doing a great disservice to the American people. I would characterize their actions as nothing less than patently dishonest and perhaps treasonous.  Their conspiracy of silence and their refusal to be truthful with the American people is divisive, destructive and un-American. Americans who follow this crisis and who know the facts and the truth knew full well that Beck, you, and others would not be allowed to touch the eligibility issue or even breathe Lt. Col. Lakin’s name at the “Restoring Honor” rally.  What a tragedy. What have we become?

When we the people take back our country we will not forget those who looked the other way, feigned ignorance, failed to do their due diligence, or worse yet, intentionally misrepresented, ridiculed and defrauded the American people.  We will remember especially, those who knew the truth, but hid it, opting instead to sell their soul to the almighty dollar.

During your speech at the Lincoln Memorial, you said that, “Here today, at the crossroads of our history, may this day be the change point.” You said “Look around you. You’re not alone."

Well Sarah, Lt. Col Lakin feels like he is alone. He has been abandoned by our representatives in Congress and betrayed by Obama and the military he has served with integrity and honor. He is being denied due process at every turn and the media will not report the story to the American people. No leader will step to the microphone to challenge Obama as to why he is allowing this injustice to happen.  We cannot allow Lt. Col Lakin to be abandoned and sold out.  Given the facts, patriotic Americans will rally to his cause.  But we need help getting the word out! Sarah Palin do not abandon this great patriot! Go and visit him and speak out on his behalf!

Quite frankly, patriotic Americans are also feeling very much alone today. We too have been abandoned and betrayed by our government, our courts, our so-called elected “representatives” and the fourth estate. Fortunately we are  taking back our country, but it is slow and difficult.  The enemy from within is tenacious.

We need a leader who will speak the truth and fight without equivocation against the lawlessness and tyranny that is steadily descending upon us.

Lt. Col. Lakin and all Americans deserve better. Obama needs to level with the American people NOW. If Lt.Col. Lakin can produce all of his information and the President of the United States cannot then there is obviously something wrong  

Finally, I can’t help but think what you would have done if your son Track had questioned the authority of the president and refused to deploy.  Given your name, prestige and your political cache what would you say?…and what would you do, knowing that your son was being denied his constitutional right to present a defense; being denied discovery and the right to call his own witnesses?  Because believe it or not Sarah, that is precisely what is happening to Lt. Col. Lakin now. This is a disgrace and it is un-American.

Sarah, we need a leader now!  You have the ability to rally millions to the aide of Lt. Col. Lakin. You can help spread his story far and wide. The media will not report this story and Americans need to know what is going on. They need to know the truth!

Tear up your contract with Fox! Liberate yourself! Be principled and fearless. Stand with the American people who love freedom and liberty and stand up for Lt. Col. Lakin and the Constitution!

Sarah, you said, “We must restore America and restore her honor.” Let’s do it then…now! Sarah, you can lead the way and help end this national nightmare. America needs a leader with the moral courage to demand answers of our government and Mr. Obama now, before it is too late. Are you with us Sarah?

Source: http://giveusliberty1776.blogspot.com/2010/10/patriot-or-politician-open-letter-to_06.html

Previous reports on LTC Terry Lakin can be found here. Visit the Birther Vault for the long list of evidence and people questioning Obama's eligibility; [http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2010/08/video-ltc-terry-lakins-attorney-on-cnn.html].

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