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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Congress Screws 58 Million Americans

By Jim Kirwan 10-13-10

The Congress of the United States went on overtime during the Columbus Day holiday to pass a piece of legislation that will block any increase in Social Security payments for 58 Million recipients in the coming year. The irony of doing this on a day that is a travesty in itself was masterful.
"Question: Why do we honor a man who, if he were alive today, would almost certainly be sitting on Death Row awaiting execution?
If you'd like to know the true story about Christopher Columbus, please read on. But I warn you, it's not for the faint of heart." (1)
'More than 58.7 million people rely on Social Security checks that average $1,072 monthly. It was the primary source of income for 64 percent of retirees who got benefits in 2008; one-third relied on Social Security for at least 90 percent of their income.'
The problem with this Congress and their 1970's view of the cost-of-living in determining benefits; is that they DO NOT even CONSIDER food, fuel or rent in their "cost-of-living" index. This is surreal and because of the number of people that look to Social Security for survival it's also criminal.
I was self-employed and wanted to be taken off the requirement to pay into Social Security but that was denied each and every year. In effect along with millions of others, I was extorted into paying into Social Security and repeatedly told that there was no choice in the matter: And that "it was for my own good." I was also told that the money I was paying in was mine and it would be available to me after I began to draw upon it, when the time came. However, after I began receiving Social Security checks I was told that the money actually belongs to the government and not to me.
Social Security told me that they and they alone will decide how much of the money I put in I will be able to get back in payments. This amounts to having changed the rules of the game, after the game was played, over a working lifetime of payments made  in the misguided belief that the system would honor its commitment to those that they had extorted this money from in the first place.
Last year they also denied that there had been any change in the actual cost of living  and there was no real resistance to that decision: So this year they have decided to do it again-only now the actual cost of living has now risen by roughly 50% (since they froze the payouts beginning last year) once all the costs of daily life are factored in.
In this matter; the Congress of the United States, like the fabled Emperor of ols that has no clothes, and is as naked as they were on the day they were born (a truly disgusting thought  but an apt description of this situation). And given the number of people that actually depend upon their Social Security checks for survival - this ought to become the basis for a genuine call to 'Shut Down the Government.'
Government was created by a compact with those that it governs which has turned out to be a horrifically criminal scam. Government says that is in partnership with its citizens; and cites the low amount of income tax that it takes as its share of that partnership. However; government fails to count the literally thousands of fines, fees, use taxes and innumerable ways that the government on all levels from county, through city, state and federal that governments have used; to extort additional money which they do not officially count as taxes. In the end government takes away almost 75% of what anyone supposedly earns in this no-longer-free society.
This is not a partnership this is extortion on a national scale that, given the number of people that will be directly affected  and this deserves not just a reversal of this legislation that was just passed on the national Holiday that celebrates the beginning of the slaughter of the original inhabitants of this continent-this deserves to be thoroughly investigated and those responsible must be charged with this crime.
The question is how many of the 58 million people that are about to be screwed again, will actually resist this publicly declared theft? Why has there not been a public report on this travesty in the major media sources? I believe that this, just like the events of 911 was purposely ignored in the misguided belief that the old-guys-and gals directly affected are too stupid to even complain about this massive theft, of what they have spent their own lives earning (which they falsely believed would actually be paid to them when the time came)  because this was supposedly a promise to be kept - between them and their government.
When ordinary people refused to pay into the system that congress itself refuses to pay into: they were charged with a crime and either fined or jailed or both. Yet when the government breaks its own promises to those same people, they expect that they (the government) will not be held legally responsible, for their own extremely illegal and immoral actions. The people that allow this government to get away with this are no better than is the completely corrupt government who is trying to get away with this massive and very public theft of social security money which is not, and never was, theirs to keep or use in any other way!
The original Social Security Trust Fund, called for the money paid-in to be placed in interest-bearing-accounts that, through the interest earned, could not only remain solvent down through the decades but could and would be able to remain solvent throughout the centuries. As it stands today: Even if nothing were to change -
Social Security will remain solvent for the next 31 years; despite the huge amounts of social-security-money that has been systematically stolen by the government down through the decades. Yet now the government wants to steal back all the remaining benefits and let the recipients deal with the consequences, even if that means that they will die, one by one.

This current crime is just a preliminary move by the government before they announce that "we can no longer afford to pay out social-security benefits" so this program will soon be terminated altogether. This is not just about the old people, this is about whether or not any American can ever trust their government about anything they have promised to anyone, at any time-and it's about what the future holds for anyone of us  from infants to the elderly!
There is one other thing that this government is counting on here and that is that those who are not yet on Social Security will not give a damn about this "problem" because it is not their problem-yet!
But this problem with Social Security checks clearly shows that the entire arrangement between the people of this society has been captured outright by the fascist police state that now occupies Washington D. C. Everything about this government is now nothing but lies; from the trillions we are spending on Afghanistan, to the broken promises about closing down Guantanamo. From the lies behind Katrina, Haiti, and now the total farce that is now in place after Deepwater Horizon, and its actual aftermath. (2)
Shutting down this government is the least we can do for ourselves and for those that we say we care about because the compact between government and the people has not just been violated: It has been very publicly destroyed.
If you think this is "your country" maybe you ought to try "Shutting down this corrupt government" and see just how much of this place is really yours or mine!
1) Columbus Day? True Legacy Cruelty & Slavery
2) Deep-Water Horizon

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