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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Open Letter to All Active Military Members


by Jeff Tetreault
The Battle of Bunker Hill in June 1775 was technically won by the British, but the "rebels" lost fewer men and proved that they were a match for an organized, experienced army
(Sept. 29, 2010) — To all Active Duty Personnel:
I have mentioned what I am about to say on various blogs and received plenty of flak, deletions and blacklists for it.
You are military officers and enlisted, and must stand up and fight for yourselves in large numbers. Otherwise expect the total loss of your freedoms like you’ve had a taste of already. Your right to vote has been prevented. Your second amendment right has been compromised. Your first amendment right has been squashed. And your right to military trial by jury has also been stripped away. Why are you still serving when you don’t file grievances against the government or take action??? There is no point in serving when you lose your inalienable rights granted to you by God and protected by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution you swore to uphold! There are no exceptions!
Heroes understand the Constitution and protect it. Cowards run and hide in fear of their careers or wrongful imprisonment. Strong words? Perhaps. But ask yourselves what the Rebels would classify you as in 1775. Would they deem your “hush-hush” attitude as noble? Honorable? Dignified? No military body is worth serving or keeping when the very rights it’s designed to protect are being stripped away from the very soldiers who serve in it. Our framing fathers would be rolling around in their graves and taking up arms against the force themselves. This is a crime against the United States and it jeopardizes our nation far more than any usurper, Congress, or any foreign enemy. Why is this being kept a secret? What are you afraid of? Imprisonment? Loss of “valor”? Loss of a job? Career in shambles? I know hundreds of active duty and they’re all afraid to even discuss it behind closed doors. Why? The first patriots of this nation didn’t do this. They fought back. Lakin and Fitzpatrick both took a stand and they are TRUE SOLDIERS. They are TRUE PATRIOTS. They are true HEROES. They are taking the lead.
Our founding fathers swore to prevent a mercenary force from forming again by empowering Congress to cut funding for any Army or Navy after 2 years. Why? It’s because the well regulated decentralized Militia was intended to maintain an Army and Navy during peacetime, not a standing army. It’s clearly evident by reading the complete documentation found in the Congressional notes of the first Constitutional Convention. You do not serve the King’s Legions. You serve the nation and the Constitution.
Unfortunately, peacetime militias have been replaced by a standing military and Congress continues to usurp powers it doesn’t have by directly funding the military budget during peacetime operations. There hasn’t been a declaration of war since 1942 against Romania!!! When this happens the entire system becomes corrupted as terms aren’t limited and Unconstitutional military authority is not contained. We see corruption at a boilover point in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches because of this. The longer people serve, the more likely corruption abounds. No checks and balances occur and the system ultimately implodes.
My heart goes out to all the career service men and women. This is not easy. But the time is NOW to take a stand to protect your own freedoms and the freedom of the citizens of the United States. The people of the U.S. will back you. We know you protect us. You are our fellow citizens and we are here to help. But we can’t help you if you don’t help yourselves. Take a stand NOW before there is no military or nation left to serve! Be heroes by fighting the enemies from within. Otherwise all of commendable actions you have done might very well be for naught.

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