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Saturday, July 3, 2010

America Is An Occupied Country

Its a simple puzzle, and the pieces are in plain sight, only shrouded in deceit. It is forbidden knowledge that America is an occupied country.

All would have remained hidden, if a piece of diabolical theatre had not been so poorly planned and executed. 9/11 was a deadly hoax, and the proof is in plain sight.

The Pentagon wasnt hit by a plane. No plane was found. The original hole in the outer wall before it collapsed was barely wide enough to fit a car. No security camera footage shows an airplane striking the pentagon, but one clip shows what appears to be a missile.

No plane crashed in Pennsylvania. Aerial photographs show a crater in the ground smaller and shallower than an airliner would have created, and again, no plane was found. A coroner called to the scene reported finding no bodies, not even a drop of blood. Again, this appears to be a missile strike.

The World Trade Center Twin Towers could not possibly have collapsed the way they did from either the impact of airplanes or from the heat generated by burning jet fuel. This has been asserted by the buildings architect and engineers. Explosions were reported in the basements of both towers moments before they were struck. The buildings fell at nearly free-fall rate in classic demolition fashion. Traces of thermite, a product used in the demolition of buildings to melt through steel columns, were found in the rivers of molten steel in the basements of the WTC, still burning at a temperature higher than jet fuel burns weeks after September 11th, 2001.

WTC Building 7, which had fires burning on only 3 or 4 of its 47 floors, fell in a classic demolition fashion several hours after the Twin Towers were hit. The lease holder, Larry Silverstein, who had taken out insurance on the WTC buildings which specifically covered terrorist attacks only weeks before, admitted that WTC Building 7 was demolished to lessen the loss of life. A demolition of a building that size takes weeks to coordinate.

The first arrests made after the attacks of 9/11 were of 5 men dressed as Arabs who were video-taping the attacks and celebrating. The men, who turned out to be Israeli Mossad agents, were held but later released under pressure from the Israeli government. Later, on an Israeli talk show, the men stated that America had never known the terror that Israel has had to live with, and that they were merely there to document the event.

The media, which immediately began suggesting Islamic terrorists were to blame, and which has never seriously questioned the official account of the events of 9/11, is clearly complicit in this deception.

Americas government in its sponsorship and its administration is overrun by people who are more loyal to a foreign power than they are to America.

Behind the throne of America is a private central bank that operates more out of its own interests and the foreign interests of its controlling partners than out of the interests of America. Both the Republican and the Democrat parties are under the influence of this great power and Americas democracy and its freedom are a grand illusion. The controlling partners of the privately owned Federal Reserve are all Jewish Zionists loyal to Israel.

The manipulated, prescribed outcome of all of this Israeli dominance in America is that Israels enemies have become Americas enemies, and young men and women are taken from poor areas of America to fight and die in Israels wars.

You are living in a bubble of deceit. Everything you think you know, everything you think you like or dislike has been taught to you by the ever pervasive Israeli dominated media. Theres a reason why the quality of education is diminishing while the quality of programming on television is becoming less and less enlightened. You are being conditioned.

You must fight this.

Turn off your TV, and start questioning everything.

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