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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bush and Blair Guilty of War Crimes and Genocide

The Palestine Telegraph , 02 MAY 2010 08:30 ADDED BY PT EDITOR OMAR GHRAIEB

UK, May 2, (Pal Telegraph – By Peter Eyre) It always appears to be a very cruel world when you see the likes of George Bush and Tony Blair making vast sums of money as a reward for killing people in mass.

From my perspective Blair remains so arrogant and non apologetic for the actions he took leading up to the Gulf War and after.

We know that dear Dr. Kelly knew too much, especially the fact that there was certainly no case for going to war. This meant they had to dispose of Kelly in order to continue on their mission of a regime change.

It is incredible that to this day David Cameron, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown continue to hide their sordid past. Two of these, namely Blair and Brown told repeated lies at the Chilcott inquiry so as to prepare themselves for taking the crown in the UK and EU ( I dread to imagine).

Let’s now refocus on these two evil leaders who represented a pack of mongrels called the New World Order. What exactly are they guilty of and how can one prove this? Remember we are only talking here about Iraq but the problem does not stop there. They did the same in the Balkans, Kuwait and currently still doing it in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Both were also supportive of the Israeli Government in the IDF attack on Lebanon in 2006 and in Gaza 2008/9.

I would like to warn those that are involved in this ongoing genocide that they are also guilty of the same crimes therefore we could make up another case against George Bush Senior, Maggie Thatcher, John Major, David Cameron, and the current leaders of the US, UK EU(Coalition Forces) and that of Israel. It is clear that such war crimes are on going and therefore all leaders and government that continue to use any weapon that contains uranium components are guilty of all these crimes.

Obama NPT is an absolute joke and not worth the paper it is written on…..the US, UK, EU and Israel continue to develop these mini nukes knowing the dangers that are associated with them. They are all guilty of knowing the dangers and are therefore in violation of the Geneva Conventions and many other violations which I will now list.

The purpose of this article is to draw the worlds attention to the New World Orders intention to mass depopulate which therefore amount to genocide at a level never seen before in our world…….this makes the Holocaust look rather small by comparison…….our friends in Israel keep reminding us of this terrible event but close their eyes to the genocide that they are assisting in, whilst at the same time nuking their own population in Israel.

The Elite Zionist have no feeling for their fellow humans living in Israel…they are comfortable with the fact that to contaminate and depopulate Israel is just a matter of being the sacrificial lamb to achieve their final goals.

I guess it doesn’t matter in trying to get my article into the Israeli Media as they would not believe it anyway…..I will say however, just look at the statistics coming our of Israel at the current time. They have the highest cancer rates in the world, they have high levels of diabetes, infertility etc…..obviously they do not want the world to find out too much about this and maybe they also have terrible birth defects. This rate of contamination will increase and eventually they will not be able to hide the data. Iraq is a perfect example of the truth and what’s happening and that is now showing up in Gaza (thanks to the IDF). As they say what goes around comes around and this statement certainly holds true with Israel who have now nuked themselves during the Lebanon conflict in 2006 and Gaza during “Cast Lead”.

So here’s the list of war crimes that we consider to be applicable to Bush and Blair and all the others that are yet to be charged:

War crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide committed by George W. Bush, former President of the United States of America, from January 20, 2001, to January 20, 2009; by the Government of the United States of America from August 2, 1990, to the present time; by Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from May, 2, 1997, to June 27, 2007; and by the Government of the United Kingdom from August 2, 2001, to the present time in Iraq from the use of weapons containing depleted uranium (DU). Depleted uranium weapons are recognized as radioactive poison gas weapons developed illegally under the Manhattan Project in World War II by the United States Government.

Already illegal and in violation of the 1925 Geneva Poison Gas Protocol, in 1943 depleted uranium weapons were described as a “highly mobile indiscriminate killer and permanent terrain contaminant”

They have committed war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide with depleted uranium (DU) weapons in Iraq which fails the “Territorial Test” because radioactive toxic aerosols they produce on the battlefield escape from and continue to act off of the battlefield.

The Palestine Telegraph http://bit.ly/anuzfs

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